Tablescaping: What is it and how to get it right?

2021 has seen the concept ‘tablescaping’ doing the rounds on Instagram. This trending term refers to the penchant for heavily decorated tables, mimicking those likely to be seen at weddings or at flamboyant garden parties.

If you’re keen to join the tablescaping craze on social media, take a look at the following ways to get those ‘likes’ rolling in on your Insta feed.

Select a colour scheme

Before you go to town on the detail, you should decide on the colour scheme of your tablescape project. The colour will act as the foundation of the whole scene, setting the overarching mood and theme.

Whilst tablescaping gives you the chance to unleash your most creative side, refrain from being too gaudy with the colour scheme. Generally speaking, two main colours work best with tablescaping, coupled with the odd injection of other tones to help bring the setting to life.

Don’t scrimp on flower arrangements

Tablescaping projects are the perfect opportunity to really go to town with flower arrangements. Whether they are artificial flowers or real, have fun piling your favourite flowers up in the middle of the table for that eye-catching centrepiece.

Bring out your best crockery

Tablescaping is all about standing out from the crowd and creating something of a stir. So, dust down your best set of plates, cutlery and dishes and place them with pride on the table. Don’t be afraid of over-cluttering a tablescape setting with lavish additions, so the more flamboyant the goblets, glasses and knives and forks are, the better.

Overloaded fruit bowels

There’s nothing quite like fresh fruit to give a table a taste of decadence. Visit your local market to find the biggest, brightest and gnarliest of oranges, apples, bananas, pineapples, and other pieces of fruit to act as another centrepiece on your table.

Let there be light

From twinkling fairy lights to an antler pendant light with candle holders handing overhead, surround your table with the most atmospheric of lights to ensure your project really does have the wow factor.

Think about the detail

The perfect tablescape is laden with detail. From a brightly patterned tablecloth to stylish placement mats with matching coasters and candle holders spelling the name of each guest, now is time to lace your table in detail to help bring the setting to life and create a lasting impression on guests.

Now all you need is a decent camera to take some shots of your creation to get your tablescape project trending on social media.

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