Simple yet stylish bathroom design ideas

Bathrooms can often be the last room in the house that get considered for a makeover. This functional space isn’t exactly the most popular room to socialise in, so can often end up with the most basic designs and themes.


Yet we all use these rooms multiple times a day, so it is worth employing a few simple design ideas to make your bathroom a special place in the house.


Check out the following simple, cost-effective and stylish bathroom design ideas to bring this functional living space to life.


Trade the toilet seat for a more stylish alternative


Plain and somewhat sterile bathrooms can benefit from simply changing the toilet seat. Swapping a standard white plastic toilet seat for either a wooden or coloured seat can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. A bathroom with a colour-theme will be enhanced by a toilet seat that fits the theme, though it doesn’t necessarily have to match exactly. A dark-coloured toilet seat within an overall light-coloured theme can work really well too.

Vintage furniture


If you have enough space to play with, then the addition of some suitable vintage furniture is an excellent way to improve your bathroom’s style. Replace standard bathroom cabinets with a simple wooden chest of drawers or similar type of antique-looking cupboard to add personality to the room. Also consider placing an elegant chair beside the bath, which not only serves as a place to sit while running the bath but can double up as a small table for your laptop or tablet for some entertainment during bath time.


Wall art and sculptures


The walls of bathrooms can be bare or punctuated with twee, unimaginative imagery, so this is a great opportunity to buck that boring trend and add some real personality to the room with your own unique touch.


Hanging large pieces of art on the walls or placing an interesting sculpture (or both!) will give your bathroom a special feel and make a positive impression on all your guests who visit.


Nautical themed artwork is popular in bathrooms. That said, there is also no hard and fast rule about what type of art you should hang on the walls in this family room, and anything from vintage sculptures to colourful paintings will bring your bathroom to life.

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