Revamp you home office Scandinavian style!

The number of people working from home in the UK has risen to its highest levels since records began and has increased by a fifth over the past decade. If you’re one of the millions of workers in Britain working from the luxury of your home, it’s important that you get the style of your home working environment right to optimise the productivity and creativeness of your day’s work.

In walk the Scandinavian style home office, a spacious, simplistic, minimalist and ultra-modern style of office designed to give your productivity, creativeness and wellbeing a significant boost.

Sounds interesting? Here’s how to revamp your home office Scandinavian style!

Simple flooring

For a true Scandinavian style home office, ditch the carpet for a wooden floor, preferably in a light shade of beige, grey or with a white finish. A stunning, light-coloured wood floor not only looks quintessentially Scandinavian, but crafts a relaxed, summery feeling, perfect for a home office environment.

Light-coloured flooring will also create a greater sense of space, which is ideal for home offices that have limited space.

Whiten the walls

One Scandinavian interior trait you can’t escape from are crisp white walls. White walls craft a modern, minimalist look and act as an effective canvas to place inspiring artwork, open shelving or the office calendar.

Combining crisp white walls with cool textiles in blues, greys or beiges, will generate an authentic Scandinavian look in your home office.

A touch of nature

You don’t have to look too far in a traditional Scandinavian-style interior until you find some element of nature. Placing fresh flowers and plants around your home office will bring that important living element into the space. Not only will you enhance the Scandinavian feel of the room but adding plants into a working area has several well-established benefits, including improving sense of mood and wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety and raising energy levels.

Prioritise clean lines

If your office is home to ornate detail and fussy features, replace the such furniture and features with clean lined pieces, another defining feature of the Scandinavian style.

Declutter your workspace

If your home office has hordes of paperwork on the desk, stationery on the tables, piles of books on the shelves and is generally home to excessive amounts of clutter, now’s the time to set about decluttering the working space and creating a neater environment that is void of mess and feels more spacious. Clutter-free spaces are a key component of Scandinavian design and will also craft a more calming and controlled environment in your home office.

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