Practical and stylish living room storage ideas

Spending more time at home, lockdown has, for many, been the perfect time to declutter our homes and have a satisfying clear out. Rooms that are void of clutter provide a significantly more calming and attractive living space than those laced with a chaotic array of possessions.

And none more so than a living room.

If you’re looking to declutter your living room even further by having a place to store away those items you just can’t bring yourself to throw out, take a look at the following practical and stylish living room storage ideas.

Place books and other belongings in baskets

Baskets placed on shelves, underneath coffee tables, and even op top of tables and cabinets, can be a great place to store books and other belongings. From stylish grey wicker baskets to rose gold baskets adorned in decorations, baskets are an affordable, practical, and trendy place to store items in a living room.

Wall-to-wall shelving

Shelving that runs from one end of a wall to the other, not only provides yards of space to place books, ornaments, photos, and other items, but it looks ‘on-trend’ too. If you don’t fancy open shelving, you could opt for glass-fronted cabinets to make help the display stand out even more.

Vertical industrial shelving unit

If you’ve not got the space for wall-to-wall shelving, make most of vertical areas in the room by introducing a vertical industrial shelving unit.

The trend for industrial décor is still going strong in the world of interior design and these robust shelving units will make a stylish, practical, and space-saving feature in virtually any style of living room – contemporary and traditional.

A coffee table with drawers

One clever way to create storage in a living room is via a coffee table with drawers hidden underneath. Coffee tables made from a stylish material like reclaimed wood or elm and metal create a fashionable focal point in a living room, and, when equipped with handy drawers underneath, takes care of your storage needs.

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