Pink! Why its trending and how to get it right!

Pink, you tend to either be a fan or definitely not a fan! Love or loathe it, pink, in its various tones, is having something of a revival in the world of interior design, emerging as an on-trend colour in the home.

Get it right and this vibrant colour can bring life, fun, class, style, and vivacity to virtually any living space. Get it wrong and you run the risk of crafting a cringingly gaudy and nauseous-inducing room that’s synonymous with cotton candy and bubble gum.

So, how exactly do we get this much-loved and much-loathed trending colour right?

Introduce a pink statement piece

Instead of going full throttle with pink walls, pink carpets, and pink curtains, introduce pink into your space more subtly with a pink statement piece. In a living room it might be a bold pink sofa. In a bedroom, bright pink bedding, or in a hallway some pink wall-art.

You may be surprised at the difference just a hint of pink can bring to the look and feel of a room.

Opt for softer shades of pink

Of course, the colour pink varies dramatically from shade to shade. A soft pastel pink is significantly less dramatic and eye-catching as a brighter hue of pink. To avoid making a space looking over gaudy or too loud, opt for softer shades of pink.

With a very soft tone of pink, you can get away with dousing the walls, flooring and even ceiling in the colour.

Balance pink with complementing shades

Pink looks great with a whole host of colours, including blue, white, greys and blacks. The colours you use alongside pink will go a long way in determining an overall look and style in a room. For example, if you are looking for a bold, brazen, and statement-making style, opt for bright pink accompanied with vibrant yellows and blacks.

If you are wanting a more classy, timeless look, match pink with softer blues or pastel greens.

Make a statement entrance

Pink is a statement-making colour, so if you’re looking to turn heads in a particular room, or in your house in general, make a statement with a pink entrance. Whether it’s a pink front door, a porch adorned in pink, a pink living room door or pink wardrobe doors in the bedroom, use this incredibly varied colour to make the statement you’re looking for.

With some creativity and, it’s safe to say subtlety, pink can look fabulous in homes of all styles and sizes. No wonder pink is trending!


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