Pantries are making a comeback in the kitchen: Here’s how to incorporate a pantry fit for the 21st century

Pantries are making a comeback! There you are, we said it! These bygone kitchen essentials are now competing with the likes of kitchen islands and granite worktops in the must-have stakes! In fact, a kitchen trend study by Houzz found that around 30% of homeowners in Britain are installing pantries!

If you’re determined to jump on this nostalgic kitchen design trend, take a look at the following tips of incorporating a pantry fit for the 21st century.

Walk-in or cupboard pantries?

Modern pantries essentially come in two different types – walk-in and cupboard. What style you opt for will greatly be determined by how much space you have in your kitchen.

If you’re determined to have a walk-in style pantry you could always look at converting a broom cupboard if you have one. If a broom cupboard isn’t an option, you could consider adding a small extension to the side of the kitchen to create space for a pantry.

Create a statement with a cupboard pantry

If neither of the above is viable, a cupboard-style pantry might be the only option. A cupboard pantry with bi-folding or traditional cupboard doors is perfect for hiding away kitchen clutter. If the cupboard pantry has workspace, it can be used to prepare meals and hide away the evidence, which is especially appealing if you have guests over.

Utilise the door space

Whether you opt for a cupboard or traditional pantry be sure to utilise the door space. Shelving in the doors can be the perfect home for smaller items such as herbs, sauces, tea and coffee.

Use the full height of the kitchen

Pantries are designed to horde kitchen clutter so make the most of your pantry by utilising the whole space, from the floor to the ceiling. Place plenty of shelving in your pantry so there is a home for all those items, from tins of baked beans to electronical appliances like toasters and microwaves.

Now you’ve got a stylish new pantry in your kitchen, you can enjoy a sparse, clutter-free and stylish kitchen that’s equipped with a trendified touch of nostalgia.

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