New ID Living Presents Home Designs in Scotland  in Partnership with Places For People 


London  based  interior  designer  company  New  i.d  are  proud  to  present  a  selection  of  six  showhome designs in Scotland in partnership with Places for People.

Featuring  an  eclectic  and  vibrant mix of designs, each showhome created by New ID showcases  the versatility of the properties and New ID’s ability to deliver beautiful interiors for all environments.

New  i.d’s  use  of  furniture curation, modern backdrops, statement touches and attention to detail,  leave a marking impression for potential buyers. Whether it’s families, couples, young professionals  or  solo  first  time  buyers,  New  i.d’s  designs  showcase  the  potential,  comfort  and  quality of each property space.

Commenting on the projects, CEO Daniel Caplan said, ​“We are thrilled to showcase with each design. Our  design  team  have  created  a  range  of  different  looks  for  each  property  inspired  by  the  surroundings and also the potential owner. Some of the spaces feature a neutral palette base, whist others like the Green House in Longstone, feature a fun and colourful scheme – we are delighted with the finished looks!

Allison Sutherland, Senior Sales Places for People (Scotland) said:
I have worked with the New ID Interiors for over 3 years on our Edinburgh Projects. Our designer Kiran has  always  exceeded  our expectations with her passion for interiors and amazing attention to detail.  The New ID Team understand our brand and have help us connect with our customers though unique styling,  from  Contemporary  Coastal  to  Modern  Country  ,  the  brief  has  been  met  on  price  and  timescale.

Engine Yard, Edinburgh


Situated  in  the  historic  heart  of  Edinburgh’s  tram  depot,  New  i.d  have  designed  and  furnished  a  stunning new penthouse apartment which displays the exquisite views of this bustling region of the capital.  Throughout  the  home,  New  i.d  have  incorporated  a  modern and minimalistic design into the  interiors and furniture in a bid to attract the younger target audience. The colour scheme uses an array of  bright  clashing  colours,  and  the  pieces  have  been carefully crafted to mimic the vibrant region of  Edinburgh which this home sits in and to bring energy into the prospective home.



The Green, Longstone, Edinburgh


The  Green  at  Longstone  is  situated  in  the  perfect  location  –  close  enough  to  the  centre  for  an  easy  commute but far enough to feel you have escaped the busy city of Edinburgh. New ID have created a home  that  perfectly  encapsulates  modernity  and  comfort  modern  to create the perfect backdrop for  the family. The natural and plush patterns which adorn the walls and accessories of the apartment place the buyers at one with nature and the prospect of relaxation. The wallpapers in each room have been  created  to  act  as  the  focal  point  and  have  been  juxtaposed  by  the  soft  soft  furnishings  and  subdued patterns by way of complementing the energetic tropical patterns which filter throughout the space.



Tornagrain, Inverness, Scottish Highlands


Tornagrain is a new, up and coming town, located between the historic town of Nairn and Inverness. At the heart of Tornagrain will be the community – a characteristic which has been infiltrated into the New ID  design.  Having  successfully  encapsulated  the  theme  of modern country living into the entirety of the space, New ID are showcasing the perfect space for families to happily occupy. The furniture has been specifically selected in order to create a modern yet traditional feel that mimics the Tornagrain region. The electric patterns and colour splashes that feature throughout the home inject fun, colour and vibrance into the space which is perfect for the entire family.



Fifty Five Degrees North, Edinburgh


Located in Granton Waterfront which sits in close proximity to Edinburgh’s city centre, this  development is treated to beautiful sea views which encompass the entirety of the development.  Inspired by the surrounding coastline, New ID designed this show home to reflect the serenity and  awe of the sea through a variety of vibrant colours and tranquil tones. The wallpaper and fabric have  been carefully selected to create a serene beachy feel, whilst the furniture compliments this with its  minimalist and contemporary edge.



Tudsbury Court, Edinburgh


Tudsbery Court is a natural choice for those who want a home with character, convenience and a  wealth of attractions nearby. New ID have designed this show home with the trendy, young, potential  first time buyer in mind. At the core of the design are the trending colours of 2019 which breathe life  into this brand new development. Hues of pink and green have been superbly contrasted with deep  blues and burgundies that are presented, predominantly, through the wallpaper and the soft  furnishings. The introduction of the scandanavian theme was made visible through the large use of  greenery and wooden and rattan furniture which provide the apartment with a calming and practical  ambience.



Urban Eden, Edinburgh


Urban Eden is situated in the Edinburgh Hub and is themed around the original colony houses built to  house Edinbrugh’s growing population of skilled artisans in the 19th century. New ID have designed  and decorated the show home to attract the young, trendy, urban family. A host of colour has been  incorporated throughout to ensure that the space is maintained as modern, luxurious, appealing and  liveable. Different woods and textures were used to create a more urban and natural appearance that  complements the modern accessories and layout.


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