Kitchen interior design mistakes to avoid

A beautifully-designed, stylish and functional kitchen can make a house feel like home, put pound signs on the value of a property and make the life of the chef in the family significantly easier. If you are planning on a kitchen redesign there are a number of design mistakes you should avoid, as the last thing you want is to spend vast amounts of money on a new kitchen only having to spend more money rectifying the mistakes.

To ensure you don’t end up in that situation, take a look at the following kitchen interior design mistakes to avoid.

Placing sinks in the corner

What’s wrong with a corner sink you might ask? With only having one side for pots, pans and washing up, corner sinks are a practical nightmare. By contrast, positioning sinks in the middle of a workspace will give you ample room either side of the sink. It will also help ‘balance’ the kitchen and won’t make you feel like you’re hemmed in whilst doing the washing up.

Introducing stainless-steel in a country-style kitchen

There’s something eternally industrial and stylish about a kitchen boasting shiny stainless-steel worktops, appliances and accessories. However, introducing stainless steel furnishings and fittings into a cosy, rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen, would look painfully out of place.
Forgetting the kitchen bin!

Bins might not be the most desirable feature of a kitchen, but they are essential. When designing your new kitchen don’t forget to designate a spot to placing the bin. Failing to do so may mean the bin has to be located where it gets in the way, or, worse still, gets relegated to a plastic bag for the rubbish left on the countertop.
With a diverse selection of stylish kitchens bins available, choose a bin that complements and even enhances the style of your new kitchen.

Misjudging open shelving

Open shelving is great, providing a practical way to store items in the kitchen. However, before you opt for open shelving, think about what you are going to be putting on the shelves. While pretty herb displays, and quaint salt and pepper pots might look great on open shelving, half-used tomato ketchup and packets of rice look less attractive.

Clashing cabinets!

A cupboard door that clashes with the oven door, a fridge that clangs onto the table when it’s open, or a dishwasher that stops you from using the sink, there’s nothing quite as infuriating in a kitchen than clanging cabinets and doors.

During the design stage of your new kitchen, think carefully about where everything is going, considering the space that will be required when cupboards and appliances are opened.

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