Interior design trends for 2019

A new year often means a new start, a time for fresh beginnings and new opportunities. If 2019 comes with aspirations to make a positive change, there’s nothing quite like making stylish alterations to the home to get the new year off to a flying start.

Ensure your home adheres to the latest styles and trends by following these must have interior design trends for 2019.

Concealed storage in the kitchen

Kitchens this year are all about clean lines and seamless integration. Maximise the space in your kitchen, alleviate the clutter and make sure one of the most well-used rooms in the house is fabulously on-trend by integrating clever, concealed storage into your kitchen.

Utilise space in the kitchen to the maximum with built-in drawers and cupboards in the kitchen island, turning an unused pantry or broom cupboard into hidden shelving behind sliding doors and other innovative solutions to integrating seamless storage into your kitchen in 2019.

Going bold

Interiors in 2019 are all about being bold and daring to stand out and be different. From industrial-style lights swinging above the dining table, to bright and bold patterned wallpaper contrasting vividly to ceilings and flooring, ensure your home’s interior makes a daring statement this year.

Oxidise wooden furniture

Get on-trend this year by upsizing existing furniture into desirable pieces fit for the 21st century by oxidising wooden furniture. Oxidising wood makes it look old and weathered, transforming lacklustre coffee tables, wardrobes, cabinets and dining tables into shabby chic alternatives that are perfect for giving traditional, cosy homes a more rustic edge.

Opt for oversized rugs

2019 is all about going large with rugs and filling floors with luxury, oversized rugs, which, again, makes a statement in any room. Rugs that have been tailor-made to a specific space are being seen as an invaluable investment for the savviest of interior designers looking for the wow factor in 2019.

Digitally-inspired homes

Smart technology is becoming an increasingly prevalent feature in modern homes. Asides state-of-the-art tech playing a key feature in the home, give your décor a digital makeover by opting for tech-inspired features and fittings, such as binary doormats, numeric keypad chairs, keyboard benches and other quirky additions that mimic our love for technology.

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