How to get started with wall murals

Hailed as the ‘new wallpaper’, wall murals have had something of a resurgence in recent years, with maximalists everywhere rejoicing at the oversized, overstated design trend. This trending décor craze looks fantastic – providing you get it ‘right’.

Take a look at the following wall mural ideas and how to get make the most of this fashionable décor feature.

Set a scene with colour and texture

Contemporary wall murals are all about telling a story and setting a scene. Think about what mood you want to create in a living space and choose a mural that helps set that particular mood and scene.

For example, seascapes adorned in dramatic blues and moody greys can be a fantastic way to set an emotional and intense setting in a home.

Bring the outside inside with wall murals

There’s nothing quite as comforting and calming than being surrounded by nature, so it’s little surprise that interiors focused on natural elements are making their way into the trendiest of homes.

Asides putting plants and flowers everywhere, install a wall mural that boasts a nature theme. Tree scenes are a fabulous way to bring the outdoors inside and a tree mural will bring texture and depth to a room, making it feel bigger.

For children’s bedrooms or nurseries, woodland forests and animal wallpaper murals can be an inspiring natural landscape for little ones.

Ceiling murals

Murals don’t have to be confined to walls. Installing a brightly-colour, funky-patterned and unique mural on the ceiling will definitely have an impact and, by compelling people to look upwards, will create a sense of more space.

Make it as little or large as you like

The great thing about murals is that there are no ‘rules’ in terms of the size of the artwork. Depending on the size of the room or how much space you have on a wall or ceiling, make the mural as little or large as you want it to be.

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