How to design the ultimate media room

Media rooms have become trendy additions to homes, providing a multi-purpose, multi-media space for the kids to watch films, family socialising to take place or to provide a well-equipped home office for working from home or studying.

If you’re thinking about transforming part of your home into a stylish media room, take a look at the following tips on how to design the ultimate media room.

Pick the right room

Before embarking on a media room conversion project, you should think carefully about where the media room is going to be located.

Basements make great media room conversions, but will there be any daylight for people working in the space or for children spending significant time in the room?

Different aspects like the amount of daylight, the size of the room, and whether it has access to electricity, a Wi-Fi connection and more, should be considered before you commit to choosing a room for this interactive, engaging and sociable living space.

Think about the sockets

The essence of a media room is that it provides a central hub for all those gadgets and devices that have become an integral part of modern living.

It’s therefore vital that you have enough sockets to plug in the likes of televisions, DVDs, PCs, Blu-ray players, charging units, media boxes and more.

Having wires all over the place can look messy and unprofessional, so when designing your media room think about where each device will be located at its proximity to a plug socket.

You should also consider where you will install an audio-visual component rack to keep all your source components.

Make speakers a key feature

Media rooms are all about having quality, high-definition sound circulating the room and subsequently speakers should be a key feature of this stylish living space.

To optimise the sound of the room, a general rule of thumb is that speakers should be at least 20 inches from the wall.

The right pair of speakers can look ultra-trendy as well as creating quality sound, so why not position them somewhere conspicuous in the room, like on shelf or on a wall bracket that protrudes from the wall?

Personalise the space

Once you’ve got the electronics in place, the fun should now start personalising the space, making it look cosy, inviting and like part of the home.

Make the colour palette stylish, funky and appealing. Ensure there’s enough seating for all the family and customise the space with trendy posters or artwork of your favourite films, actors, musicians and more.

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