How to decorate with sage

Instagram is awash with sage. You simply can’t get enough of this greyish hue of green. From kitchen cabinets to dining room walls, sage is making its way into the coolest and most stylish of homes.

If you’re thinking about introducing this must-have colour of 2022 to your living space, then check out the following tips on how to decorate with sage.

Use sage as a neutral colour

The beauty of sage is that it complements a whole host of other colours. From dazzling whites to modern greys, muted reds to copper browns, sage is a fabulous accompaniment to a diverse range of colour.

Use the diversity of tone as a neutral colour. Being soft and subtle, this stylish shade of green can act as the perfect neutral tone to pair with bolder colours.

Play with sage textures

Rather than just simply painting the walls, cabinets, or furniture sage, be playful with sage textures. In a bathroom, for example, opt for using sage-coloured tiles on the walls or on the floor, or sage mosaics in the shower.

Embrace sage in the kitchen

Sage kitchens are so on-trend! The good news is that you don’t have to rip out an existing kitchen and replace it with an expensive, all-sage alternative to smash this ultra-trendy interior design style.

You can transform the look of a kitchen by modernising existing elements with a sage makeover. Painting the kitchen cabinets in sage is a sure-fire way to utilise this trending colour. Replacing kitchen tiles with sage alternatives is another way to transform a kitchen without going overboard.

Less costly still, introduce subtle sources of sage, such as interior plants, sage-coloured cooking utensils, or a sage kitchen rug.

Paint trims or skirting boards in sage

Another subtle way to add sage elements into your home is to paint trims or skirting boards in this trendy shade of green. Opting for snippets of sage either high up near the ceiling or low down next to the flooring with neutral tones of whites and greys in between will create an idyllic and super stylish look in any living space.

With sage, you simply can’t get too much or too little to transform a home into the height of 21st century interior design fashion.

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