How to create an Insta-worthy living room

Interiors are getting more and more creative, daring and individual, thanks to social sharing sites like Instagram. The more spectacular and unique the décor and the more engagement it seems to attract online.

If you’re intent on turning your living room into a space fit for an instant reaction on Instagram, here are some quick tips.

Make a statement with metal

Metal accents are all the rage on Instagram. Whether it’s bronze, brass, chrome, or nickel, make shiny, eye-catching metallic materials a key feature of your living room as we move into autumn. And don’t just stick to one. Make your living room an Instagram marvel by mixing up bold metal accents, furnishings and fittings, to create a memorable Insta post.

Install a bar

Bars are back big time, and the more retro, the better. Accompany bars made out of wood with leopard-print bar stools to create a real statement in your living room and to ensure you always have a place to raise a toast.

A floor-to-ceiling wet bar can look stunning in a living room and all but transform the whole room. Bars made from rich wood like ebony or dark walnut will photograph well and be a huge hit on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

Don’t forget the indoor plants

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes to inspiring, eye-catching modern interiors, you simply can’t get enough indoor plants, especially if you want to create an impression on Instagram.

Dragon trees are a great choice for a medium-sized indoor plant and suit any type of interior style. They are also extremely low maintenance, which has its benefits.

Equally, Aloe Vera looks great in any home and is one of the most popular indoor plants to own. It is recommended that Aloe Vera plants are placed in bright spots with plenty of natural light and indirect sun – perfect for an inspiring Instagram story.

Brightly-coloured furniture

Forget your greys and beiges, bring your photos to life with brightly-coloured furniture. Think velvet pink armchairs, burnished copper settees, and royal blue poufs, to bring your living room to life, and create an Instagram post that will be sure to get tongues wagging.

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