How to bring a staircase of any style to life

Like every space in a home, staircases come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Despite their importance and visibility, this well-trodden feature in a home can often be overlooked, with other spaces like kitchens and bathrooms taking priority in terms of decoration. If your staircase has been somewhat neglected and is letting the rest of your home down, then take a look at the following ideas on how to bring a staircase of any style to life.

Install a runner

More and more people are opting for stair runners as an alternative to carpets or bare wooden stairs. Runners come in an almost limitless supply of colours, patterns, and styles, so finding one to suit your personality and the rest of your home shouldn’t be difficult.

When placed on wooden stairs, a runner will also bring comfort and warmth to a stairway, perfect as we head into the winter.

Be bold with paint

There is no easier and cost-effective way to bring a staircase to life than by giving it a lick of paint. Really go to town painting the stairs, handrail, banister and spindles in the colour, or colours of your choice. Greens, greys, and blues are good options for crafting a calming space. But if you’re looking to really create an impact, why not opt for reds, pinks, yellows and even oranges? Or create a real statement by painting each spindle in a different colour. If it doesn’t look quite right, or you get sick of it, you can always paint over it.

Create a floating staircase

If minimalism is up your street, there is nothing quite like a floating staircase to bring the wow factor to this well-used and vital feature in the home. Giving the illusion they are floating; this truly stylish and modern stairway is perfect for creating more light in what can often be a light-starved part of the house. Void of the nooks and crannies of conventional stairs, floating staircases are also incredible easy to clean.

Go all out on glass

For a contemporary feel that exudes style, spaciousness, and light, replace a traditional wooden staircase with a glass one. Made from thick glass, glass balustrades are a safe choice for the home. Have fun by accompanying the glass with metal brackets and wooden handrails for a standout feature in the home that is easy to clean and guaranteed to generate compliments.

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