Home office design trends for 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we work, forcing people away from shared office space and into the confines of their own homes. With multiple benefits both to employers and employees, coupled with increasingly sophisticated telecommunications technology, the work-from-home (WFH) trend looks set to stay for the long-term.

With more of us working independently, home offices are becoming progressively more stylish, streamlined and comfortable, designed with productivity and creativeness in mind.

If you’re determined to give your home office a revamp this year, or are taking the plunge and ditching the shared office for homeworking for the first time, check out the following ‘must have’ home office design trends for 2022.

Natural materials

Offices that radiate the freshness and vibrancy of nature are currently trending on the likes of Instagram. To help achieve a home office that puts you in touch with nature, opt for natural materials likes wood, metal, and glass, for a truly nature-inspired but at the same time modern and stylish look.

Get the classic office look

2022 is all about reverting to what we consider to be a classic office or ‘study’ look. To achieve this traditional look, introduce rich textures such as leather and wood into the interior, alongside a symmetrical setting.

Making an ornate traditional writing desk the centrepiece of the office will craft a traditional vibe, accompanied by a large executive chair. Make sure there are plenty of bookshelves in your traditional home office for an academic ambiance.

Convert part of the landing into a home office

If you haven’t got a spare room in your home to turn into an office, be creative with other spaces in the house. Dedicating a section of the landing to office space could be the perfect solution. If the landing has a window, position a table and chair under the windowsill so there is plenty of natural daylight soaking into the space.

Bring out the art deco

Art deco is making its way back into the most stylish of homes this year, and none more so than in the home office. To achieve an art deco look, mix the old with the new, focus of geometric patterns, embrace different textures and metals, and opt for sleek lighting fixtures with shiny chrome finishes and in geometric shapes.

Opt for a multi-use table

If your home boasts an open-plan design, you may have to combine your dining and living space with homeworking. This can be achieved fairly easily by making a multi-tasking table the centrepiece of the room.

From extendable tables with an urban metal finish, to large rustic tables in country oak, sometimes a table and chair is all you need for an adaptable, modern lifestyle that fuses home life with work.


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