Hands-free kitchens are trending: Here’s how to create one

As we move closer to 2021, there’s some pretty definitive trends circulating in the world of kitchen design. One such trend is hands-free kitchens, which are making their way into the chicest of homes.

If you’re determined to make 2021 the year that your kitchen was finally propelled into the 21st century, do it in style, with a hands-free kitchen.

Here’s how to create a super stylish, not to mention ultra-practical kitchen, where you can go hands-free.

One-touch drawers

The choice of drawers can make or break a kitchen. If you’re looking for a chic and modern design, then rip out those old kitchen units and replace them with some stylish one-touch drawers. These popular kitchen units utilise innovative one-touch technology to open and close the drawers whenever you touch them.

Get smart with motion sensor lighting

The choice of lighting you have in a kitchen is vital for the look, style, and functionality of this well-used room. Smart lighting that automatically switches on when you walk into the space is incredibly convenient in a kitchen and crafts a contemporary and desirable look.

Feature a stylish sensor bin

What has to be one of the most popular touch-free kitchenware items is the motion sensor bin. When your hands move close to the bin’s lid, it opens automatically via a motion sensor, making the process of putting rubbish in the bin significantly more hygienic.

Hands free toaster

If you’re serious about going ‘hands free’ in your kitchen and heighten its ultra-contemporary look at the same time, then replace an old toaster with a hands-free alternative. These stainless-steel high gloss toasters will mean no more burnt fingers!

Install touchless taps

Taps you have to manually turn are so yesteryear, as 2021 is all about touchless taps. This highly modern kitchen feature uses motions sensors to turn the flow on and off. Just swipe your hands under the taps to turn on the water, without putting unsightly smears on your ultra-glamorous stainless steel taps.

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