Four of the best colour for an inspiring, stylish and sophisticated kitchen

Rather than ripping out an existing kitchen and replacing it with a new one, why not give it a significantly less expensive new lick of paint? With a whole spectrum of colours available, which palette do you opt for to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen?

To give you a helping hand, here’s four fabulous kitchen colours you can’t go wrong with.

Racy with reds

It might sound a tad overbearing and gaudy, but bold and striking reds work well in a kitchen. Whilst you wouldn’t want to overdo red in your kitchen, combining snippets of red with other complementing colours can create style, panache and sophistication.

For instance, combining cabinets painted in red with slate-grey flooring, walls tiles or work surfaces, will craft a tasteful, eye-catching look. Likewise, painting the walls in cherry red would look super stylish when accompanied with black work surfaces or black flooring.


One of the most effective ways to bring instant glamour and energy into a kitchen is to introduce white. White denotes freshness and classiness, making your kitchen look and feel instantly brighter.

If you’re feeling really daring, create a white-on-white kitchen. From the walls to the cabinets, the ceiling to the flooring, and just about everything in between, making white the all-encompassing colour in your kitchen will create an ultra-sophisticated look, designed to impress.

Go great with green

Green might not be the first colour you think of when imagining a beautiful new kitchen, but the right shade of green can work incredibly well in this well-used living space. Rather than going overboard with green, introduce subtle green features, such as olive-green worktops, emerald green cabinets and boldly-coloured lime green wallpaper for a unique and stylish kitchen designed to stand out.

Brave it with blue

Blue is becoming an increasingly popular colour to decorate a kitchen with, providing you get the shades right and don’t overpower the space with a particular tone, as blue works best when it’s used sparingly.

Lighter shades of blue exude a crisp, stylish look, and work particularly well on cabinets, walls and the ceiling. Dark blue accents make striking features when set against lighter tones of whites, yellows and soft greys.

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