Five ways to get the farmhouse-style interior you’ve always dreamt of!

There’s something about a farmhouse interior that radiates homeliness, comfort and elegance. The good news is that we don’t need to have a five-bedroom farmhouse set within three acres of private land to craft a rustic, characterful farmhouse-style interior.

New ID Living explores five ways to get that timelessly appealing farmhouse look you’ve always dreamt of.

Wood floors

You can forget laying lush carpets, as farmhouse interiors are all about wooden flooring that oozes a traditional, country look. Oak flooring works particularly well in this traditional style of interior design, as does salvaged hardwood. You can add some warmth, comfort and colour to wooden floors by adorning the flooring in carpets.

Stable doors

There’s nothing quite as quaint and cottagey as stable doors made from oak, hardwood or redwood to create an eternally traditional and farmhouse appeal. In fact, farmhouse-style properties can’t get enough of stable doors, which work well as internal as well as external doors.

For that extra rustic appeal, embellish the doors with wrought iron hinges and latches for a real traditional look.

Make accessories natural

Farmhouse interiors embrace everything that’s natural and therefore heavily synthesised materials such as plastics should be avoided. Instead, weave natural materials into the décor, such as mixed stone, slate, rattan, wicker and sisal.

Avoid overdoing accessorising, as farmhouses keep furnishings and fittings simple and to a minimum.

Antique furniture

Modern furniture would look painfully out of place in a farmhouse-style interior. By contrast, a well-placed piece of antique furniture will bring the perfect finishing touch to your country-style home.

From old, mahogany wardrobes, to antique coffee tables, you’ll have fun in the charity shops and antique stores when furnishing your farmhouse-style home.

Chunky wooden beams overhead

If your house already has wooden beams on the ceiling, then ensure they are exposed to the max to craft an authentic farmhouse style. This may mean uncovering the beams if they have been plastered over, or varnishing them in a deeper, richer colour so they stand out more and become an eye-catching feature of a room.

If the ceiling doesn’t have beams, you can also mimic the look by fitting your own wooden beams on the ceiling. Placing rustic solid oak beams on the ceiling or in other places, such as a mantel above a wood burner or open fire, will craft a truly cosy, rustic and traditional look to any home.

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