Five simple ways to transform your bathroom

Bathrooms, alongside kitchens, are one of the biggest selling points of a home. Even if you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, renovating your bathroom so it exudes greater style, luxury and sophistication, would be an invaluable move in improving the look and functionality of your home.

If you haven’t got the budget or time to rip out your existing bathroom and replace it with a new one, here’s five simple but effective ways to transform your bathroom.

  • Replace tired-looking wall tiles with new ones

Add some instant spark into your bathroom by replacing the outdated and shabby-looking wall tiles with some of a more elegant and stylish nature. Bathroom wall tiles come in endless colours, designs, shapes and sizes, so finding some to complement and enhance the look and feel of your bathroom shouldn’t be difficult.

  • Install a towel rail on the wall

Damp towels hanging over the bath or stuffed into cupboards is hardly conducive with a stylish, practical bathroom. You’ll be amazed at how much the simple task of installing a towel rail on the wall can improve the overall look and functionality of your bathroom.

  • Replace a shower curtain with a shower door

Instantly augment the style of your bathroom by replacing a shabby old shower curtain that draped limply across the bath or shower cubicle with a stylish, shiny new shower door.

  • Fit a soap dish to the wall

Soaps left precariously at the side of the basin won’t do the look of your bathroom any favours. The simple task of fitting a trendy, stylish soap dish to the wall will go a long way in making your bathroom look instantly more stylish. Having the soap neatly parked in its own space will make the cleaning of the bathroom easier too!

  • Change the toilet seat

From ebony black to slate grey, nautical-inspired to bright yellow, modern-day toilet seats come in a myriad of colours and designs. One of the simplest ways to immediately inject new life into your bathroom is to change the toilet seat. Be bold with your choice of seat to bring some immediate glamour into your bathroom.

Your bathroom is a personal space to relax and unwind after a busy today, so why shouldn’t it have the attention this well-used space deserves?

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