Five simple and effective ways to make a small patio appear bigger

At last, spring is here. Now’s the time to dust off the garden furniture, refill the hanging baskets and enjoy some much-needed al-fresco wining and dining.
As we head outdoors to enjoy some springtime sunshine, optimising our external space will be a priority. If your patio, courtyard or terrace is on the small side, there are a number of strategies you can adopt to make a small external area appear bigger.

Go vertical

Patios, gardens and any outdoor space should not be confined to ground level. If your patio is sparse of space, think about building upwards to make the most of vertical areas and create the illusion of more space.

Planting climbing plants and wall shrubs, so they cover walls, fences, pergolas and handrails on decking, is an excellent way to bring colour and life to a small patio without encroaching on ground space.

Make it tiered

If you have minimal space for plants and flowers, a tiered garden allows you to optimise the space by creating a colourful and eye-catching feature that’s perfect for the spring and summer. Strategically positioning plants in front of each other at different levels is the perfect way to landscape patios and small yards.

Use delicate garden furniture

If your patio is limited on space don’t overburden it with bulky garden furniture. Instead, keep outdoor furniture to the minimum so it takes up less space.
Cube rattan garden furniture sets can be a great choice for patios struggling for space, as the set can fit neatly into one area. As can a metal outdoor dining set with a round table, which would take up considerably less room than a bulkier rectangular-shaped table.

Let there be lights

From summer evening barbecues to morning coffees in the sunshine, if you have a small outdoor space, it’s likely to be incredibly valuable and used to the maximum. To ensure you can use your outdoor space to the max, including long into the evening when dusk falls, make sure the patio is sufficiently lit up.
Placing decorative fairy lights on the walls, lanterns in the trees or solar lights in the foliage will mean your precious outdoor space can be utilised after dark. This textured lighting will also help a small patio appear bigger.

Create texture

Texture creates movement and visual interest and can help make an outdoor area with limited space appear bigger. Get creative with the plants you put on your patio to craft texture and visual appeal. Leafy perennials can be the perfect choice to bring subtle colour and striking texture to your patio.
Now all there’s left to do is to pour yourself a drink, sit down and enjoy the natural splendour of spring on your new-look patio.

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