Five interior design trends we will be waving goodbye to in 2024

Out with the old and in with the new, is a popular New Year expression. And it certainly bares some truth in the world of interior design, which moves extremely quickly. Blink and you’ll miss the latest trend and be stuck in the Dark Ages!

If you’re determined to ensure your home is the pinnacle of fashion in the coming year, then take a look at the following interior design trends that we will be leaving in 2024.

Grey overload

Grey has been a must-have colour for a long time now, and while it isn’t entirely a décor no-no, think moderation rather than overload. All-grey colour schemes are being replaced with part-grey interiors, with the colour being accompanied by blues, greens and even earthy browns.

Extreme minimalism

The last few years have been all about extreme forms of minimalism which has been ultra-stylish, modern, and easy to maintain. Instead, there will be an emphasis on layered, personalised design, which is softer and warmer than extreme minimalism. Think a mismatch of colours and textures, and more eclectic and adventurous spaces.

Open-plan designs

Once the height of fashion, sophistication, and functionality, open-plan layouts are to finally take a backseat. This seemingly eternal must-have design trend is evolving into quirky, more-defined living spaces, which have their own distinct function and design style.

Open shelving

Alongside the axing of open-plan layouts, is the terminating of open shelves. Yes, once a favourite among homeowners is labelled as a definite no-no in the New Year and is being replaced with closed shelving made from sturdy materials and high-end finishes.

White kitchens

While we all love a white kitchen and the hordes of light and space they create, this popular kitchen trend for umpteen number of years is finally being given the shove. Dazzling white kitchens are making their way for more subdued colours of blues, greens, matt blacks and even monochrome colour schemes, for that pinnacle of fashion kitchen.



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