Five interior design trends for children’s bedrooms

With the speed children grow and go in and out of fads, kid’s bedrooms require updating on a regular basis. If that inevitable time has come around again to change the décor of your child’s bedroom, here’s five interior design trends to create a welcoming, creative, inspiring and much-loved space for little ones.

Use lots of colour

It’s safe to say children of all ages love colour and, with spring being here, now’s the time to get bold with colour in your child’s bedroom. From striking turquoise walls to lime green curtains and quilts, from a pale blue ceiling to wooden furniture painted in white, really go to town with colour in your child’s room to craft a vibrant and inspiring personal space that’s in-keeping with the season.

Create an accent wall

A striking accent wall, whether it’s decorated with wallpaper, artwork or is painted in a standout colour, will help bring your little one’s room to life by creating a fresh new look.

As an accent wall is just one specific area of a room, you can afford to adorn the space with your child’s favourite pastime, television programme or video game character, as even if they are into another activity altogether in six months’ time, you can change the theme of the accent wall without too much trouble.


Accessories are easy to change and are an inexpensive way to transform a child’s bedroom. From dinosaur cushions to pirate lamps, fairy-themed bookshelves to Lego toyboxes, replace existing accessories with new ones to make your child’s room come alive with their favourite themes and characters.

Introduce a reading zone

If your child is old enough to be reading books or doing homework, creating a reading zone in their bedroom can be an effective way to encourage quiet relaxation, reading and doing homework. Such spaces can be defined by a desk, comfortable chair or beanbag and should ideally be far enough away from toys and other potential distractions.

Use open shelving

Adorned with brightly-coloured toys and beautifully-illustrated books, open shelving looks great in a child’s bedroom.

Revamp your youngster’s room by putting open shelves on the walls and then placing their favourite toys and books on the shelving to create eye-catching decoration in the room.

You child’s personal living space in the perfect place to generate a creative, inspiring ambiance and have endless fun with colours, patterns, textures and ideas.

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