Five decking trends for 2020

With fabulous spring weather and spending an extraordinary amount of time in our homes, now’s the time to maximise outdoor living space. No matter how big or small your exterior space is, decking can be the perfect caper to craft a stylish and functional living area designed to make the most of spring and summer.

Like any aspect of interior design, specific decking styles come in and out of fashion. To ensure your decking adheres to the latest fashions, check out the following five decking trends for 2020.

Cable railing

Industrial-esque features are not confined to indoor spaces. On the contrary, industrial makeovers are taking over exterior areas up and down the country. Decking with cable railings create bold lines and a stylish, industrial look. This funky style will also serve a practical purpose, preventing people from falling off the decking.

Balcony decking

What could be more perfect than sipping on a chilled glass of wine in a summer evening from a balcony decking? Converting balconies into purposeful decking is a ‘must have’ trend for 2020 and it is easy to understand why.

Stone decking

Another striking decking design trait is to make these practical exterior seating areas out of stone. Whether it’s real stone or a stone veneer, stone decking areas will bring a rustic yet super stylish look to any exterior space. Furthermore, being a highly robust material, stone decking will withstand the elements the British weather will inevitably throw at it and stand the test of time.

Outdoor televisions

It is not just Premiership footballers jumping on this luxury decking trend! For decking that has a roof over its head, why not install an outdoor television?

Outdoor TVs installed on the wall of a covered decking area provide the perfect space to relax, unwind and socialise. Weather-proof exterior TVs that are immune to wind, rain, snow and more, will create a sense of indoor living while feeling the breeze on your face.

Decking lighting

When decking is lit up with outdoor lighting it can be used and socialised on well after dusk. Built-in decking lighting such as spotlights are the perfect way to improve both the aesthetic appeal of your decking and its functionality. Asides spotlights, lanterns and fairy lights bring a decking area to life after dark. If you opt for solar lighting, you won’t need to run electricity cables outside and your decking lighting will be wholly sustainable.

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