Five bathroom trends to look out for in 2020

2020 is here and for many of us a new year comes with aspirations to give the look, style and functionality of our homes an upgrade. If your bathroom requires updating, check out the following five interior design bathroom trends that will ensure one of the most well-used rooms in the home is ultra-chic and fashionable in 2020.

A biophilic design

Bathrooms in 2020 are all about bringing nature indoors – aka a biophilic design trend. Integrating plants and greenery into your bathroom not only brings aesthetical intrigue into the space, but can help create a calmer more focused living environment.

A wall devoted entirely to greenery can make a great addition to a bathroom, as can avoiding artificial lighting in favour of natural daylight to mimic nature.

Light yellow and pumpkin red

If you’re determined to change the colour of your bathroom in 2020, two tones making inroads in the ‘must have’ bathroom design stakes, are light yellow and pumpkin red. Blending the tones subtly will create an ultra-trendy and desirable look in your bathroom.

Open showers

Another must have bathroom trend for 2020 is open showers. Of course, before committing to an open shower, the practicalities of the design must be carefully considered, such as where the water will run away and what other items will get wet.

Minimalist linear lighting

Lighting will play a key role in bathroom design in 2020 and the year’s hottest lighting trend is a minimalist linear look. By keeping lighting fixtures simple and minimalist, such as mirror lighting on the wall and spotlights on the ceiling, other elements of the bathroom will be able to shine through.

Refined tiling

Flamboyant bathroom tiling is so last year. Instead tiling in this much-used space should be a more refined, sober style. Opt for more neutral tones, typically in grey or matte black, for a super cool, elegant and practical bathroom in 2020.

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