Essential bathroom decor trends for 2018

Like kitchens, bathrooms can help make or break the sale of a house. Also like kitchens, we spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms and they should therefore cater for our individual style, functionality and requirements.
If your bathroom is due to be updated this year and you’re looking for some décor inspiration, take a look at the following essential bathroom interior design trends for 2018.

Create an eye-catching feature with a stone sink

If you’ve ever been into the bathroom of a hotel or restaurant and been greeted by a beautiful, hand-carved stone sink, you’ll remember just how bigger impact this small but striking feature had on the overall look of the bathroom.
From river rock granite basins to black marble basins, replacing a mundane washbasin with one that’s made from natural materials and has been attentively hand-carved, will instantly bring your bathroom to life.

Digital showers

Conventional showers are so last year, as 2018 is all about making cutting-edge, digital showers feature in a bathroom. Instead of spending precious minutes trying to get a shower at the perfect temperature, digital showers feature advanced thermostatic technology to ensure the shower is maintained at the ideal temperature.
Needless to say, these innovative showers look super stylish too.

Make it monochrome

There’s something eternally elegant and stylish about a monochrome bathroom, hence why they never really go out of fashion, with 2018 being no exception! Blending the timeless marriage between black and white into the design of a bathroom, creates a clean, stylish and minimalist look, perfect for these well-used living spaces.
Black and white is an extremely versatile combination, which can include and combine various styles, such as blocks of colour, stripes, spots or patterns. Opting for a stylish white bathroom suite and infusing splashes of black into the design with the likes of black tiling, black shower curtains or a black bathmat, can look incredibly stylish in a bathroom and is definitely ‘on trend’ this year.

Bring out the bamboo

If you thought the rustic material of bamboo was confined to roofing pergola in hot countries to provide some shade, then think again. This year bamboo is edging its way into British homes and heading straight for the bathroom!
From bamboo flooring to bamboo bathmats and furniture, introducing this delightfully rustic material into your bathroom this year will ensure you are seen as an interior design fashionista!

Gold taps

What may have once been considered a tad bling are now the height of bathroom style and sophistication. Gold taps are considered another ‘must have’ bathroom trend for 2018, providing an eye-catching touch to vamp up any style of bathroom.

If you need any help with designing your bathroom this year, get in touch with New ID’s expert team of interior designers to discuss your bathroom design project.

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