Cost-effective ways make a small outdoor space appear bigger

Spring is here and the summer is rapidly approaching. That means one thing – it’s time to get outdoor spaces in tip-top condition for those long, balmy summer nights.

If your outdoor area has limited space then fear not, as with some clever design know-how, virtually any space can be made to look and feel bigger. And the best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Check out the following cost-effective ways to make a small outdoor space appear bigger.

Use mirrors

Mirrors don’t have to be confined to interior living areas. On the contrary, they make a fabulous feature outdoors. Adding a mirror to an outdoor space is an easy and inexpensive way to create the feeling of instant additional space. Placing a mirror on a fence or wall at the end of the garden will create the illusion that the space has doubled in size. By reflecting things like plant pots, hanging baskets, not to mention the light, mirrors make a fantastic addition in any outdoor living area.

Paint the fence a lighter shade

The same rule of applying a lighter colour to brighten up indoor spaces and create a sense of more room applies to external areas. Garden fences tend to be available in darker colours, like browns and greens. Opting for a lighter colour like sky blue, light grey, white or even soft pink, will not only brighten up an outdoor space but will help make areas with limited space appear bigger.

Use oversized paving slabs

Another clever and cost-effective way to make a small outdoor space appear bigger, is to use large, oversized paving slabs in the area. Having fewer grout lines will create a more continuous surface which will inherently make the ground appear bigger than it actually is.

Add garden lighting

Garden lighting has evolved in recent decades and is now available in an incredible choice. Take advantage of the diverse range of lighting, such as solar lanterns and fairy lights, by strategically placing them around your outdoor area.

Not only will pretty outdoor lighting create a sense of greater depth, but they will also mean the area can be functional long after dark, not to mention create a safer space in the darker hours.

Introduce brightly coloured flowers

Add some colour and depth to your outdoor space by introducing some brightly coloured flowers. Whether they are in hanging baskets on the wall, or in a flower bed next to the paving, brightly-coloured flowers will go a long way in making an outdoor area with limited space appear bigger.

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