Choosing flooring for the winter

Different seasons come with different interior design trends and demands with winter being no exception. The cold, dark months ahead demand a warm and inviting interior in every room. The choice of flooring plays a pivotal role in seasonal décor.

If you are upgrading your flooring sometime soon, make sure it’s in-tune with the season by opting for the following flooring options.


Walking barefoot on tiles or stone is not conducive with a warm, cosy interior. By contrast, walking over a soft new carpet exudes comfort and warmth, perfect for those dark, cold winter nights.

Installing a thick and comfortable carpet on the floors will also contribute to reduced heat loss, which will, in turn, help lower energy bills.

Wool carpets are one of the warmest types of flooring options, boasting thicker fibres than many other types of carpets, which act as an effective insulator.


Whilst not as naturally warm and comforting as carpet, laminate is a good choice of flooring for the winter. Laminate doesn’t expand or contract from high moisture levels, making it a good option for colder climates.

Being easy to clean and maintain and boasting a stylish, modern look, laminate flooring is a good choice all year round in residential homes, rental properties, and commercial buildings.


Typically featuring a cushioned finish that is soft and comfortable to walk on, vinyl is another good choice of flooring in the colder months.

Like laminate, vinyl is easy to maintain and clean. It also comes in a host of different styles and colours, meaning finding a suitable type of vinyl to suit the style and colour scheme of your home shouldn’t be difficult.


Cork flooring comprises of tiny air-pockets that capture the heat and prevents cold air from getting in. Hence cork is an effective type of flooring when it’s cold outside, as it acts as a natural insulator.

Cork is also a sustainable material that looks super stylish, making it a great choice for eco-conscious households wanting a trendy type of flooring that works well in the winter.

Add underfloor heating

Whatever type of flooring you opt for, ensure the floors in your home are warm this winter by installing underfloor heating. Whether you have carpets, laminate, stone, tiles, or more, underflooring heating can be installed to maximise the comfort of your home all winter long.

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