Louise Haik – Designer

Posted by admin - July 17, 2013 - Designer Insights

Although one of the younger members of the New i.d design team, Louise has been working within the team for 10 years, making her one of our longest serving employees!

She originally joined New i.d as the design junior following her A levels, a year later Louise returned to University in Leeds, where she went on to graduate with a BA Hons in Textile Design. During her studies Louise regularly returned to the design team in her holidays to supplement her income. Having graduated she was snapped up as a fully-fledged designer on our team and has not looked back since.

Unsurprisingly, with her background in textile design, Louise has a very creative personality, which she attributes to her decision to study textile design in preference to a more architecturally based course.

Louise invests time in researching the latest trends  through current fashions, colour palate and trending textile prints, much of this research is incorporated into her personal life, or at least that is the excuse she makes for the considerable amount of her spare time that is  spent shopping! That said, she is a very organised individual, renowned for meeting both briefs and often very challenging deadlines.

From an early age at School, Louise realised that she was drawn to more artistic pursuits, originally through graphic design, which later led her to an interest in interior design at college. She confesses to getting a buzz from design, textures, fabrics, colours and particularly relishes the attention to detail that her role demands but most importantly the sense of achievement that completing a design for a delighted client brings with it

What does Louise predict for the spring season?….There will be the normal colour palate adjustment to lighter spring shades and in terms of trending styles, she believes that an increasingly eclectic mix of styles is likely bringing a fusion of modern and more classical influences, varying upon individual client briefs and tastes

Louise is quick to point out that whilst trends are heavily influenced by retailers, and fashion houses alike, ultimately our job as designers is to deliver what our clients want, she will always look to suggest new ideas but also places a great deal of importance upon listening to what the client actually wants, after all interior design is very personal, reflecting the individual rather than the crowd.