The Key to Serene, Productive Home Office Design

Posted by admin - September 30, 2016 - Inspiration, Interior Design

If you work partially or fully from home, the space where you sit or stand to put your hours on the clock is an extremely important factor.
A space that’s conducive to a relaxed but proactive attitude can make all the difference to your productivity, while a depressing, cluttered, or poorly thought out office will have you dreading to get on with your work.
From furniture and accessories to colour and flow, here are some important aspects to consider when you’re designing or redesigning your home office, each of which you can tailor to your own specific habits and tastes.

If you’re lucky enough to have the flexibility to choose which room your office will be, make sure that the positioning, size, and shape of the room suits your needs. Some people like a large and airy room with plenty of negative space to allow their thoughts to expand; others prefer a cosy, containing room that feels like a private cubby hole away from the rest of the house.

A crucial factor in getting work done from home is your ability to properly distance yourself from whatever’s going on in the rest of the house, be it your family, housework, the television, or even the fridge!
Make sure there’s a clear sense of delineation as you enter the office as well as a sturdy and opaque door that closes firmly. You may even want a lock if young children might be tempted to sneak in. Sound proofing, where necessary, is often a good idea too.

The colour of your office will depend on the space and the type of person you are. If it’s a small space and you’re craving more, go for lighter colours, especially on the ceiling, to open it up. Choose soothing and sombre colours if you want it to be a haven of tranquillity and calm, or something bolder if you want to feel energised by the space.

Think carefully about how the space will work best before you choose furniture. If there’s a window, consider the time of day you’ll be working and which way it’s facing; do you want to be sitting into the sun?
Would you prefer a more minimalist style with just a desk or bookcase, or would you prefer to add a sofa, cushions, and rugs, to make it somewhere you can relax and change positions as you work?

You also need to reflect on the practicality of your proposed layout, and the furniture you’re considering, for ultimate efficiency and productivity. Choose pieces that give a sense of solidarity and quality, and let them have character and style. Imagine what will make your work progress more smoothly; a filing cabinet next to your desk? The printer within reach? A standing desk to help with your posture?

Don’t forget to add some personal touches to make the space your own, as well as plenty of lighting that’s appropriate to your primary activities. Think a decadent throw to spread on your knees on colder days, inspiring pictures on the walls, and oxygen-producing plants to lift the space and give it vitality.

Due to its functional role in the household, the home office can often be overlooked as a source of great interior design. This doesn’t have to be the case, and with some carefully made decisions and considerate selections, you can create a space you love to be in, helping your productivity and making you want to get to the office in the morning.