Interior design manoeuvres to bring an Edwardian property in-line with the 21st century

Posted by admin - September 26, 2017 - Articles

King Edward VII’s reign may have been short-lived (1901 – 1910) but the houses built during this time have continue to be held in prestige and mimicked ever since. Edwardian homes bear the hallmarks of the period property, with characteristics and features that remain trendy and desirable today.

Despite their appeal, Edwardian properties can tend to be on the dark side and, if you’re not careful, dark can transpire into gloominess.

If you own an Edwardian property and want to inject greater pizzazz into the home, take a look at the following interior design steps you can take to bring your Edwardian property harmonised with the current century.

Replace the stained-glass windows

Stained-glass windows are a sympathetic feature of Edwardian houses and are something that should be retained in order to preserve the character of the home. Though if the stained-glass has seen ‘better days’ and are on the dingy side, update the windows with new stained-glass panels to match other existing ones but look newer and let more light in.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Large Edwardian mirrors with an intricate mahogany, oak or walnut frame, exude opulence and style. Mirrors are also a great way to create light and the feeling of greater space in a home as light is bounced around and reflected.

Hanging attractive Edwardian mirrors on the walls of a Period property will bring elegance to the interior, whilst at the same time generating greater amounts of lights.

Replace dated carpets with antique-style hardware

If the carpets in your Edwardian home aren’t doing the interior much favours in terms of elegance and style, now’s the time to replace them. To retain the traditional charm and elegance of the property, replace shabby and old-fashioned carpets with antique-style hardware to make the flooring look like it has been there since King Edward VII’s reign!

It’s time for a new colour scheme

If your Edwardian property is laden with dated beiges, browns, creams and other insipid colours, brighten up the whole interior by giving the walls a new lick of paint.

Breathe new life into the rooms by being bolder with colour. Contrast off-whites and light greys with lime green and warm orange to energise the interior and bring greater vivacity to a dimly-lit room.

Create a garden terrace

If your Edwardian home’s garden hasn’t been landscaped, make it in line with the 21st century by kitting it out with a stylish decking area. Gravel leading to the lawn can make an attractive feature in the garden, which, during the warmer months, can be a main living area.

Edwardian properties are incredibly desirable and with just a few moves can become even more sought-after and in-line with the 21st century.