How to revamp your property on a budget

Posted by admin - September 27, 2013 - Current Trends, Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Instil a renewed sense of living without going into the Red – How to revamp your property on a budget

If walking through your front door after a busy day at work leaves you wistfully wishing you lived in another property, the chances are it’s time to give your home a makeover. With the property market in the UK showing some signs recovery but still far from being buoyant or thriving, many are choosing the refurbishing route rather than an outright move.

Although it has to be said with a horde of furniture, rugs, paintings and decorative embellishments to buy, decorating a property can easily run over budget. If your desire to give your home a makeover is not accompanied with a sizeable budget, then take a look at the following ways to revamp your home, while remaining on a tight budget.

Second hand furniture

Replacing existing furniture with new items will work wonders in breathing new life into a home. For years, second hand furniture was thought of as being some kind of ‘faux pas’ in the world of interior design. Instead of tuning our noses up at furniture as old as our grandparents, fittings and fixtures that have been around the block several times is back on the stylish décor pedestal with a vengeance.

Furniture from bygone decades can bring a classic, art deco and individual look to a room. What’s more, if your mission to makeover your property has a rather tight budget attached to it, going down the second-hand route will certainly help you stick within budget.

Revamp old furnishings

Whether we are homeowners, tenants or landlords, whatever our property status, many of us can have a tendency to acquire furniture and other belongings over the years that has, if we’re honest, seen better days. Instead of taking it to the local tip, restoring existing furniture can be perfect for our makeover mission.

Making the effort to recover chairs, replace handles and reinvent wooden pieces with a lick of paint, will work out a darn sight cheaper than buying replacements.


With the onset of digital photography and advancements in camera technology, more and more self-made David Baileys seem to be popping up everywhere. Whether they are portraits of the family, arty images that depict an avant-garde and unusual subject or a stunning landscape taken on holiday, photos can infuse individuality and personality into a room. Don’t be afraid to use photos as part of your property revamp on a budget project. Mount them in a stylish frame and creatively hang your favourite photos on the wall and you’ll be surprised at the difference they make to the overall look of a room.

Make good use of mirrors 

In the world of home interior, mirrors are true multi-functioning assets. By reflecting and bouncing light, mirrors make a room appear to be bigger and brighter than it often really is. Increasing the expanse of your property and making it lighter will inevitably make it more appealing and pleasant to be in.

Mirrors can also make a bare wall look more interesting and bring a new dimension to a room. You can pick up mirrors fairly inexpensively and as they are available in a myriad of styles, finding one tailored for the individual look of a room, should not be difficult.

Pour on the paint!

Well not literally, but painting a property is one of the least expensive and high impact ways to revamp a home. Don’t be afraid to go bolder and opt for colours other than white or cream. Give each room an individual and distinct look by painting them a different colour. Painting is a fun, relatively cheap and easy way to inject a new lease of life into an interior that was beginning to wear you down.