How to make the most of an urban garden

Posted by admin - September 27, 2013 - Current Trends, Designer Insights, Inspiration

Spacious, peaceful and inviting

If you live in a town or a city, the chances are that you won’t have the luxury of a big sweeping garden to spread out in and enjoy. With an ever-omnipresent demand to adopt greener lifestyles and get on the environmentally-friendly trail, there seems to be a cumulative focus on town houses attaining fertile outdoor areas, bursting with lushness, verdure and life.

As a consequence of the seemingly collective rush to utilise an outdoor space to its full potential, designers and landscapers are coming up with fresh and novel ways to make the most of an often cramped outdoor area.

Take a look at the following ideas to help make the most of an urban garden.


Create a space to live

With the British weather being as unpredictable as it is, unlike the more climatically-favourable countries, there is not as much emphasis on outdoor living in the UK compared to the likes of Spain and Italy. Having said this, it’s not all bad and if the recent heat wave is anything to go by, then England still knows how to enjoy some sunshine.

In order to make the most of your urban outdoor area put some chairs and a table out there. Having a place to sit will encourage you to have lunch outside, have a drink in the evening or read a book in the sunshine. Even the tiniest of outdoor areas are likely to have enough room to put a small table and two chairs.

Generate privacy

You don’t get much privacy when living in an urban area. If you do have a garden or outdoor space, making it as private as possible will provide some much-needed tranquil seclusion amongst a busy metropolis.

Planting trees such around the edge of your outdoor space will help provide privacy. If you are worried that it would affect the amount of light filtering into the room then you may want to opt for trees such as hornbeam or beech. In shedding their leaves during the winter, these trees would let some light in but still make you feel more secluded.

Alternatively, putting a high fence around the perimeter of your urban garden will create more privacy.

Let there be levels

Urban gardens can often slope fairly steeply, particularly if they adjoin a terrace house or in a hilly town or city. Smaller gardens or ones that are significantly sloping can be more functional and spacious when layered.

Decking can be a great way to layer a garden, likewise installing a water feature, which runs from one level to another can help create the illusion of additional space.

Make a narrow urban garden appear bigger

The mind is a funny thing and in the world of interior design, a few simple tricks can work wonders in creating the illusion of greater space. If your garden is on the narrow side you can make the eye wander back by raising the garden path with some pretty stone steps.

Low walls and quirky arches can also help break up the ‘narrowness’ of a garden, adding width and interest.