How to get your garden spring ready!

Posted by admin - March 31, 2016 - Inspiration

Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant, if you’ve got a garden now’s the time to get it ready for making the most of during the light and warmer months ahead. Take a look at the following simple and effective ways to get your garden ready for the spring.

Clear away the winter debris

Winter can wreak havoc on our gardens and by the time the warmer weather does arrive our outdoor spaces can be awash with debris. Now’s the time to take the rake out of the shed and start clearing the fallen branches and other debris that may be scattered across the lawn and flowerbeds. Raking the lawn will also help aerate the soil so that the air can reach the roots and growth is nurtured.

Prune the shrubs

Pruning shrubs and small trees during early to mid-spring will improve the overall health and condition of the plants and will mean they are likely to have a better flowering display this year. When pruning shrubs you should remove any weak, thin or dead grow.

Turn over the compost

If you have a compost heap in your garden now’s the time to start turning it over as the organic material that has deteriorated at the bottom of the heap throughout the winter will make great mulch to spread across the garden.

Clean out bird boxes

If you have bird boxes in your garden now is a good time to clean them out to remove any mites and pests that may have settled in the boxes during the winter. Such pests could potentially cause harm to birds visiting the boxes.

Bring out the garden furniture

Whether you put the garden furniture away for the winter or covered it up now’s the time to bring it back out and show it off to its glory in the hope that the weather will be mild enough to sit outside and start enjoying your garden again.

Introduce some garden lights

If you’ve not got any already, you might want to think about installing some lights in your outdoor space to get it ready for some spring and summertime after dark al fresco entertaining. From having solar LED lights leading up the garden path to scattering fairy lights on the trees, there is a whole host of outdoor lights available on the market that will create a functional and stylish feature in your garden.

Now that your garden is ready for the spring, let’s hope some sunnier weather arrives so we can start enjoying our outdoor spaces once more.