Hot Decorating Trends for spring 2013

Posted by admin - January 30, 2013 - Current Trends

With the optimism and buoyancy the arrival of spring brings as nature reawakens from a seemingly eternal slumber, one cannot blame homeowners for having an almost collective desire to inject some freshness into their home by redecorating it in the spring. Whether you feel compelled to ‘keep up with the Jones’’ or prefer to stamp a degree of uniqueness on your home, the design trends for the forthcoming season promise to cater for everyone.

Take a look at some of the hottest decorating trends for spring 2013.

Bring out the brass!
Brass is back with a vengeance this season and is brighter and shinier than ever. This rich metal in its many different sculptural guises is experiencing a major revival this spring.
Accessories made out of brass and bronze are making their way into the interior design savvy homeowners’ properties in many different shapes and forms. From more traditional brass ornaments meticulously positioned across the fireplace, to lavish cocktail tables made out of brass adding an additional touch of class to a room, to brass staircase railings creating a real feeling of affluence, this alloy of copper and zinc certainly seems to be the metal of the moment.

Embroidery and Knitting
Despite seeming like antiquated practises that are best left to the more than capable hands of our grandmothers, embroidery and knitting are back in the limelight and are major interior design trends for this season.

From knitted rugs of vibrant colours to poof covers that comprise of a thousand knots, as long as they’ve been tenderly handmade, knitted, embroidered or crocheted, fittings and furnishings that rely on these rudimentary techniques will create a thoroughly stylish look in contemporary homes.

There is nothing quite like stripes for creating a graphic statement within a room. Having been dubbed as being one of the hottest trends for 2013, stripes are making their way off the catwalk and into the rooms of those wanting to inject some glamour into living areas.

From pinstripe to horizontal, Breton to mixed, it seems that this season any style of stripes are fitting and this elegant look can either be used as a subtle insertion to augment an existing style in the form of cushions or a lampshade perhaps, or a full-on stripe-induced makeover to completely transform a room’s style.

Wall writing
Now this top interior design trend of spring 2013 really does require an element of braveness to execute, not to mention neat handwriting. As the demand for elegant messages adorned on the walls of style-innovative homeowners, graphic designers are cooperating with interior designers to create some highly imaginative and inspiring wall imprints and writing.

Green walls
There is no time quite like the spring to inspire us to dig out the gardening gloves and get out into the garden! In 2013 however, gardens are coming inside and ‘green living’ is etching its way into the most creative of living areas.

‘Green walls,’ which involve plastering clay mixed with grass seeds on to a wall, do much more than evoke conversation amongst visitors, they help keep the air clean, aid humidification and go a long way in reducing our carbon footprints.