High-Tech Solutions for Innovative Interior Design

Posted by admin - February 27, 2017 - Inspiration, Interior Design

The internet age is pushing technological advances forward with startling speed, and interior design is taking advantage of each change as it emerges into the mainstream market. So if you want to convert a staid, uninteresting property into a cutting edge, innovative space age solution, there are numerous options ready at your fingertips. Here are just a few ways to welcome the future into the comfort of your very own home, without sacrificing any of the comfort or homeliness that’s so important to your everyday quality of life.

Ambient lighting

Gone are the days of having to choose between ‘on’ and ‘off’ – bright and glaring or pitch dark – for room illumination; even manual dimmer switches are a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can achieve the perfect lighting levels in every room, and on the exterior of your home, with a centrally controlled ambient lighting system. This can be regulated via an easy-to-use app, or integrated into a central governing electrical system that be managed remotely. Go green with energy-saving compact fluorescent lights, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, and light emitting diodes for a perfectly balanced illuminating effect that helps protect against environmental damage while saving on your energy bills too.

3D printing

An up and coming trend in many areas of design and manufacture, 3D printing involves the creation of a blueprint on a computer, which is then rendered in high detail three dimensions by a cutting-edge printing device. From chandeliers to cutlery, this technological trend is allowing designers to create one-off items at what will soon be a fraction of their former price.

Augmented reality

Another emerging technological trend that’s set to sweep across the globe in coming decades, augmented reality is the superposition of a computer-generated image over a ‘real life’ situation. This will allow us to try out designs of furniture and décor ‘in situ’ without having to purchase them first. So before buying a sofa, you could try it out in several different locations in your living room; try different wallpapers in every room of the house; or create a virtual prediction of how lighting solutions will affect the atmosphere in a space – all on a customised image on a computer screen

Home automation

This comprehensive and incredibly practical solution allows you to control many aspects of your home remotely, and in concert. From opening and closing windows and shutters; activating heating or air conditioning while you’re still at work to ensure the house is at the perfect temperature when you get back; to integrated media systems with stereo sound in every room, everything can be controlled from a smart phone or central wall-mounted computer.


Another area of home management that’s being improved by advances in technology is security. Especially relevant if you’re building from scratch or redoing the interior of your home, current security solutions involve wiring systems into the glass or frame of windows and doors for an integrated, seamless innovation; or high-tech keypad entries that are built into brickwork for a sleek, attractive, and modernistic finish that provides ultimate safety alongside aesthetic perfection.