Giving Your Teenager’s Room a Makeover

Posted by admin - January 31, 2017 - Inspiration, Interior Design

Teenagers are tough to please. With technology at their fingertips at all times, receiving a simple “hey” is a big deal. Giving their room a much-needed makeover may seem daunting. The clothes on the floor are just another problem altogether. Here are a few simple steps to follow so that their room isn’t quite the disaster it once was. Even if they know it all, who knows: maybe giving their room a makeover will lead to a real conversation!

1. Encourage creativity

Teenagers need ways to express themselves. Although they may not be expressing themselves to their parents, social media is usually their go-to. Providing a creative conversation outlet on a wall in their room is a constructive way to help them communicate. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint is a great option – just make sure to have chalk handy. A large corkboard would also be a great creative space. Magazine clippings and favourite song lyrics can be posted almost instantaneously. Alternatively, setting up a few octagonal corkboard pieces next to each other on a wall to resemble honeycomb would also function the same way. Simply putting up a whiteboard and a few colourful dry-erase markers should do the trick too. Just refrain from adding a list of to-dos for them.

2. Balance practicality and style

It is imperative that a teenager’s room is functional but also fashionable. Providing containers to put things away will hopefully inspire them to actually put things away. Think cubbies, wire baskets, canvas storage bins, and a book case used for knick-knacks. This also means a desk for homework, complete with a modern lamp of course. It is also popular to use a giant bean bag or a chair hanging from the ceiling. The verdict is still out on whether or not these chairs are conducive to completed homework.

3. Acknowledge they’re not children anymore

Far from the bright colours of younger years, it’s best to stick with neutrals like dove grey or a cool slate for a teenager’s room. To contrast the neutral, pick an accent colour or two to incorporate throughout the room. A few rose blush pillows on a white plush comforter would be refreshing and elegant. Try to integrate that same colour in various shades around the room.

4. Accessorise and personalise

The addition of a gallery wall would also help a teenager express themselves. Help them choose pieces that help them stand apart. Create interest with frames of different sizes, maybe even adding a mirror or two to help brighten the space. Coordinate the chosen colour in some of the artwork. It’s also retro and chic to simply use black and white photographs hung on a jute twine or fairy lights.

During these turbulent emotional times, it’s extremely important that teenagers feel seen. Amidst a sea of strangers, they need to feel like they belong and fit in. Creating a space that they can call their own, where they can feel at home, is a part of growing up. Hopefully these ideas will help create that home.