Give your investment property an interior design spring clean for a quick tenancy

Posted by admin - April 28, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration

Traditionally spring is a time of year when people get the bleach out, put their rubber gloves on, get on their hands and knees and give their homes a thorough spring clean. Spring cleaning can however go a lot further than merely scrubbing the kitchen and dusting the lounge. A truly thorough spring clean includes changing rugs, replacing bed linen and curtains and even moving furniture around.

If you own a buy-to-let property that is coming to the end of a tenancy, now is the perfect time to give it an interior design spring clean to ensure the home is an attractive prospect for tenants and doesn’t stand vacant for long.
Take a look at the following ways a discerning landlord can spring clean their interior so the property’s irresistible for renters.

Give the flooring some TLC

In rental properties floors can be the biggest victim of wear and tear. Have a good look at carpets, tiles, laminate or whatever type of flooring you have in the property. If it does show signs of wear and tear now could be a great time to rectify what is likely to be a big eyesore and put potential tenants off.

If a carpet is a little worse for wear think about replacing it for a more durable carpet or a more robust type of flooring such as tiles or laminate.

Similarly if wooden flooring or tiles are showing signs of wear, a quality rug can hide a multiple of sins and help protect the flooring when the next set of tenants move in.

A new lick of paint

After flooring, the walls in rental properties are the most prone to tell-tale signs of wear. Even if you can’t detect grubby fingerprints on the walls up the stairs or splashes of grease in the walls of the kitchen, painting the property will make it look significantly brighter, fresher and more in-tune with the season.

Fill in the gaps

Unattended gaps in an interior, no matter how small, can quickly transpire into bigger gaps and a big problem.
With the property vacant now is a good time to scan every room in the house for gaps, paying particular attention to windows, baths, showers and sinks. If you see any gaps fill them in with mastic filler to conceal the gap and keep leaks, mould and bugs at bay.

Change bed linen and curtains

If the house in fully furnished now is the time to replace bed linen, curtains and other fabrics designed for the winter with lighter, springtime alternatives.

Opt for light, summery colours, patterns and fabrics, such as pastel tones and flowery designs. It might sound like a minor detail and little effort but changing bed linen and fabric so it is more in-keeping with the warmer, lighter season can go a long way in your quest to make your property irresistible to tenants.

And there you have it. Simple yet effective ways to interior design spring clean your buy-to-let investment in between tenancies to help make sure the property doesn’t stand vacant and gathering dust for long.