Get your house sold through its interior without having to renovate

Posted by admin - March 27, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration

House prices in London are booming. They’re not doing too bad in other areas of the county either. Yes, Britain’s property market is back on the move and is going one way only – up. If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, naturally you’ll want to maximise its value. While the location of a property is its single most important feature, its interior design and décor comes in a closish second place. There are many ‘tricks’ homeowners can do in order to increase the appeal, saleability and value of their property, so potential buyers are thoroughly impressed when viewing the house In short, don’t put your property on the market without implementing the following advice.

De-clutter the kitchen

With the kitchen having a unique ability to make or break a sale, it is important that you get this crucial room in tip top condition before putting your property on the market. You should start by removing all the clutter from your kitchen’s sideboards. The counters should be completely clear. Make your kitchen look and smell attractive and ‘fresh’. This ‘freshness’ can be achieved by simply putting a plant on the window sill, putting a new tablecloth on the table and by placing some fresh herbs on the dresser. Fruit bowls should also be full and brimming with ripe and sweet-smelling fruit.

Rearrange your living room

Living rooms should also be free of clutter and too much ‘fuss’. Empty items such as magazine and newspaper racks and waste paper bins. Give the room a thorough clean. Once its sparkly and looking like new place some freshly cut flowers on the coffee table or mantelpiece so the fresh and fragrant theme of the kitchen runs through into the living room. You may also want to rearrange the furniture in your living room so the space is optimised and it is made to feel as roomy as possible.

A new set of towels will work wonders in the bathroom 

Bathrooms need to be equally as ‘fuss-free’ and clean. Ensure there’s no water stains on the bath or shower and all tile adhesive should be free of mould or unsightly discolouration. Infuse some additional colour and buoyancy into your bathroom by replacing old and uninspiring shower curtain and mats with some more colourful and stylish alternatives. You may also be surprised at how significant an impact putting a new set of towels in your bathroom can have.

Hide personal belongings from the bedroom

Whilst you don’t want your bedrooms to look sterile and unfriendly to potential buyers, walking into a room laden with photos and memorabilia of five generations of your family won’t enable viewers to see the bedrooms for what they really are. Placing one or two decorative items on the dresser and bedside tables will bring a more homely edge to the bedrooms without going overboard. Investing in some new bed linen will give the bedrooms a more polished, hotel room-like look. Don’t forget to put an ubiquitous bunch of flowers of  the window sill to cast that desirable sweet-smelling aroma.

Once you’ve de-cluttered, polished and revamped every room in your house with some flowers, new furnishings and some clever rearrangement of the furniture, stand back and have a good look round – Would you be impressed if you came to view this property? If not, you’ve got some more work to do.