How to Get the Rustic Farmhouse Feel for Your Kitchen

Posted by admin - July 28, 2016 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

As the heart of the house, your kitchen is possibly one of the most important elements of your whole living space. The space needs to be eminently practical and convenient, but also radiate comfort, warmth, and welcome.

The rustic farmhouse kitchen is one of the most popular styles of kitchen design, and for good reason. Reminiscent of a warm and cosy space to come back to after a day out in the cold English weather, the country kitchen is redolent of the welcoming smells of a warming Sunday roast and hearty apple crumble.

Getting the rustic farmhouse feel, however, isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t got the ideal space to work with in the first place. Follow these simple tips to create a warm focal point for your house that’s also perfectly appointed for all your culinary needs.

Use rendered or textured surfaces

To add a feeling of age and maturity to your kitchen, choose interestingly rendered or textured surfaces. Think of showing off the grain in your wooden table with a rustic varnish, or adding some driftwood accessories or textured skirting boards.

Upcycle wherever possible

Using recycled or upcycled materials and objects serves three purposes: it cuts down on costs, is environmentally friendly, and it adds a sense of mellow age that makes a kitchen feel comfortable and lived in, rather than new and stark.

Emphasise utility

A country kitchen is all about functionality, so don’t try and hide the working parts with covered storage. Hang your pots from a descendible rack on the ceiling, pop in open-topped wicker baskets for vegetables and fruit, and use open-fronted cupboards to display your tableware for a welcoming, utilitarian effect.

Keep it simple

Don’t over accessorise your kitchen, or you’ll end up with clutter rather than comfort. If space is limited, stick to carefully chosen pieces that are necessary to the working of your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space to work with, think about optimising on it by investing in a majestic Aga and adding one or two statement pieces to add strength and contrast to the room.

If you’ve got a view, let it shine

If if you’re fortunate enough to have a lovely view from your kitchen window, don’t dull it down with fussy curtains, blinds, or netting. Make the exterior scene a feature of the space, opening up the room and allowing the maximum amount of light in.

Add warm accessories and lighting

Utility and functionality don’t necessarily mean a complete lack of accessories; just make sure that your accessories are useful as well as visually appealing. Think of investing in a gleaming set of copper pots, traditional style crockery to display on the dresser, or an antique butcher’s block to combine form and function. Add warm lighting for a cosy effect, in addition to brighter under-counter lighting for practicality.

Get eclectic

Mixing styles is very much ‘in trend’ for interior design in 2016. Add variety to the space by adding some contrasting touches, like a stainless steel tap or a neutral colour scheme to complement the rustic effect.

Follow these tips for your kitchen design and you should find it relatively easy to create the welcoming rustic haven that you’re longing for, giving you  kitchen that’s a pleasure to be in and the envy of all your friends.