French country, contemporary, rustic? – Achieving your dream kitchen with minimal effort

Posted by admin - March 27, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again, the kitchen really is the heart of a home. This crucial room plays a pivotal role in adding value to a property and augmenting its desirability to potential buyers and tenants. All too often can homeowners’ limp on, churning out meals and culinary delights in a kitchen they are far from happy with. If you are far from content with the style, functionality and overall look of this vital room and crave for the kitchen of your dreams, take a look at the following different kitchen styles and how your dream kitchen might be more achievable than you think.

A French country kitchen

In short French country kitchens are classy. Just the name ‘French kitchen’ exudes connotations of bucolic lavishness in a idyllic country home surrounded by olive groves in the heart of rural France. This timeless and classy look that never fails to stir a chorus of appreciative ‘oohs’ whenever people enter through its doors,  can be achieved by some simple design steps.

Choosing the right colours and textures can mean you’re halfway to achieving a French country kitchen. Traditional ‘kitchen’ colours such as pale blue set aside a more vivid tone of yellow would work wonders in this style of kitchen. Likewise, terracotta tile flooring crafts an authentic continental look, which isn’t difficult to accomplish. Using plenty of fabric is also important in bucolic, Mediterranean-style kitchens. Floral patterns complement the country feel. Opt for delicate fabrics such as lace curtains to enhance the natural ambience of this vital living space.

A contemporary kitchen

While some dream of the rustic and timeless, other pine for a dramatically-modern and hyper-functional kitchen. Tweaking your kitchen so that modernity is irrefutably at the forefront is not as unattainable as you may think. The room’s colour scheme will again play a leading role.  Play around with vibrant, ‘daring’ tones, such as lime green, bright red and deep blue cabinets. The choice of materials in a contemporary kitchen is also important. Steer clear from natural materials, such as wood and slate. Opt for bolder materials with cleaner lines. Glass worktops of brighter colours can really bring a modern kitchen to life.

Modern artwork hung to the walls will also enhance the contemporary style of this type of kitchen. Abstract paintings and drawings of bold colours and defined lines will add an additional layer of interest and creativity into the room. What’s more as contemporary artwork can be picked up for not much money and requires little more effort than a couple of hooks nailed into the wall, being a little adventurousness with drawings and artwork will bring you one step closer to your dream contemporary kitchen with minimal effort.

Rustic kitchens

If you can’t help but glance in anticipation each time you go past a skip in case there’s an old shelf, stool or cabinet in there crying out for a shabby chic makeover, the chances are your dream kitchen slants towards a rustic style. The great news is that out of all the different interior design styles, rustic has to be one of the easiest to achieve with the least amount of investment in terms of money or time.

Similar to the French country kitchen, think natural materials – timber, brick and stone. Breath new life into existing cabinets and furniture by giving them a lick of paint. Instead of sticking to the ‘rules’ in terms of colour palletes, patterns and fabrics, get creative and take some risks. Instead of asking yourself, “Will baby blue go with a red wine?” just do it, because in a rustic kitchen anything goes.