Four unmissable décor trends for 2018

Posted by admin - November 29, 2017 - Articles

2018 is edging closer and with it a whole array of exciting and innovative interior design styles and trends. If you’re keen to keep on the pulse of what’s in the interior design pipeline for the forthcoming year, take a look at the following four unmissable décor trends for 2018.

Make it cosy

If you’re a fan of cosy interiors, then you’ll be pleased to know 2018 is all about making living spaces snug and cosy. From reading nooks with beanbags and poufs to eye-catching mezzanines doused in sheepskin rugs and fake fur cushions for snuggling down to a good film, prioritise cosy living spaces next year.

Rich woods brought to life with bright lights

Rich woods in its natural form is hailed as a must-have décor trend for next year, crafting a touch of elegancy and luxury into any interior space. Though as mahogany and chocolate brown woods are inherently dark in colour they must be brought to life and exemplified by being accompanied with some glamorous modern lighting.

Place spotlights above a mahogany dresser or a chandelier over a dark wooden dining table to bring a luxury feel to a traditional room with a contemporary twist.

Bring out the beiges and the browns

Carrying on from the trend for incorporating dark woods in their natural form into living spaces, colour palettes of beige and browns is another must-have trend for the new year.

Being a lighter shade of brown, beige complements darker tones of brown incredibly well. This neutral shade makes an effective starting point to introduce bolder colours into a colour palette. By containing a subtle mix of several colours, including small doses of red and oranges, beiges and browns look fabulous with more vibrant shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

By embracing the natural beauty of beiges and browns, you’ll create a warming living environment, an essential trait of interiors next year.


With the myriad of benefits it has on the environment, we just can’t get away from recycling these days, including in our home décor.
Dubbed as another must-have décor trend for 2018, weave some recycling magic into your living spaces in the new year. From reclaimed wooden dining tables, dressers and coffee desks for a home office, to industrial metal pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, virtually anything will work next year in a living space, as long as it’s recycled!