Four beautiful bedroom décor ideas for summer 2015

Posted by admin - April 28, 2015 - Current Trends, Designer Insights, Inspiration

If there is one room you can afford to let your creative interior design faculties run wild, it’s your bedroom. And there is no time quite like the summer to cast aside the dark and dowdy tones and fabrics of the colder months in favour of pastel shades, dainty textiles and inventive designs.
If you are thinking about giving your bedroom a summer revamp and need a little direction on the design, take a look at the following four beautiful bedroom décor ideas for summer 2015.

Make it minty

There is something about the cool and refreshing colour of mint to evoke feelings of breezy summer days and the optimism of this time of year.

The trick is not to overdo the mint and blend this subtle shade of green with white or other playful summer pastels, such as pale pink and lemon.

If you don’t fancy taking on something as drastic as putting up new mint-coloured wallpaper, simply adding a few minty cushions into the room or putting a new mint duvet onto the bed will work wonders in delicately implementing this fresh summer tone into your bedroom.

Exchange carpets for cooler flooring

Pulling up a carpet that has seen better days and replacing it for flooring that reflects the natural warmth of the summer, would be a bold way to introduce a more summer-friendly interior into your bedroom.
Floors that are inspired by golden tones and show natural details such as wood grain would go a long way in creating a beautiful bedroom interior designed for the warmer months.

If the likes of oak flooring is beyond budget or doesn’t tickle your fancy, ceramic tiles are another type of flooring which, being cool under foot, is certainly in-keeping with the summer – after all they rarely have carpets in Spain.

Think in white

Interior design in the summer should evoke the same simplicity, freshness and lightness of this time of year and no colour achieves these feelings quite as effectively as white.

Crisp white sheets are simply made for the long, warm summer nights, as are white curtains, cushions, rugs and other furnishings.
If you’re feeling bold why not go the whole way and make your bedroom intrinsically white. You could even give existing wooden furniture a summer revamp by painting it white.

Or, if you’re not feeling quite as bold, introduce elements of white into the bedroom, such as replacing dark and heavy curtains with white, lighter alternatives.

Think nautical

If you simply can’t wait until your holiday by the sea this summer, why not bring to sea to you by designing your bedroom in a nautical-inspired theme?

Placing nautical-inspired accessories, such as clocks, shells, boat-inspired hooks and ornaments, around the room, will help transform your bedroom into a tranquil and creative gateway to the seaside.

The best part of designing your bedroom interior so that it is fit for the summer, is that almost anything goes, including having lots of fun.