Five fabulous autumn decorating ideas

Posted by admin - August 24, 2015 - Inspiration, Interior Design

With earthy tones everywhere and the landscape awash with beautifully vibrant colour, the autumn can be a great time to get creative in our homes and replicate nature at what could be described as its most stunning. With the return of the cooler temperatures and the darker evenings, now’s the time to baton down the hatches and prepare our homes for some cosy autumnal decoration and nights by the fire.

Take a look at the following five fabulous decorating ideas for this rich and colourful season.

Replicate nature in your porch

Porches are the first room we enter in a home and ironically are often deprived of the TLC and attention this all-important ‘first impression’ space deserves. Let the beauty of the outdoor world in the autumn be extending into your porch by placing some creative autumnal decorations in the porch.

You might want to wrap garlands made from a combination of red, yellow and orange leaves around any pillars and posts in the porch and place an autumn-inspired wreath on the front door. If you have children, why not get them involved with making some nature-inspired decorations in the porch?

Stoke up that fire

With the breeze getting brisker, instead of being tempted to turn on the central heating, why not make the fire a central attraction in your home? As well as giving it a good clean and getting the firewood prepared, ensure the fire piece is the focal point it’s designed to be by decorating it with autumn-esque items such as pine cones on the mantelpiece and pumpkins on the hearth?

Lighten up your backyard

Just because the nights are closing in it doesn’t mean to say you garden or backyard has to ‘shut up shop’ until the spring. On the contrary, make outdoor space as enticing as possible during this beautiful time of year. One fairly easy way to lure the family outside during the autumn is to place outdoor lighting around the garden.
Outdoor lanterns would look particularly atmospheric and apt during this time of the year, as would lighting exterior candles at dusk.

Have a colour change

Now’s the time to exchange the summer-synonymous pastel pinks, greens and blue with the same warm earthy tones that are dominating the landscape.

If you don’t fancy pulling out the paintbrushes and giving the walls a repaint you can achieve an autumnal look more simply by replacing cushions, throws, duvets and curtains with gold, red or orange themed alternatives.

Introduce heavier materials

With the onset on the cooler weather, now’s the time to think about replacing delicate, cotton materials with heavier fabrics to help keep draughts at bay.

Heavier fabrics in darker, richer colours will not only keep cold air out of the room but will also craft a cosy, atmospheric autumnal feel in your home.