Five effortless strategies to create a bedroom fit for the summer

Posted by admin - July 17, 2013 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

Unlike every other room in a house, a bedroom is a private room, a place where of refuge and sanctuary where we go to escape the world and its woes. Given the private nature of our bedrooms, more some, this special room is a place to be inventive with the décor.

As the seasons change, so too can our urge to redecorate, to make our homes more ‘in-keeping’ with the season. Being the room which we spend the most amount of time in, the urge for seasonal redecoration can often be most poignant in a bedroom.

If this sounds familiar and the drab, wintery feel of your bedroom isn’t doing your summery mood any favours, then take a look at some easy ways to make your bedroom fit for the summer.

Let their be light

One of the greatest pleasures of the summer is the light evenings with daylight breaking through at the crack of dawn, accompanied by the cheerful chirping of birds. This light should be welcoming into your home during the summer, else before you know it we’ll be back to grind of the light-starved winter.

Replacing heavy, dark curtains that thwart light from entering a room with cotton, airy curtains that float about in the summer breeze will make your bedroom look and feel more summery. Such curtains may, however, result in us waking alongside the bird’s chorus at the break of dawn. To maintain a bedroom that is fit for sleeping, accompany light, airy, cotton curtains with a black out blind in order to blacken out the light during sleeping hours.

Consider your headboard

Exchanging a heavy, clunky headboard with a fabric upholstered one will make one of the central focuses of a bedroom appear lighter and more seasonal.

You could even make your own upholstered headboard by covering a piece of foam or MDF with some floral patterned material in a pastel shade.

Reinvent a chest of drawers

You may wonder how furniture like wardrobes or chest of drawers could take on a more summer edge. Dark, heavy furniture that looks apt in the winter can be converted to summer-suitable fixtures by covering them with some pretty wallpaper. Again, floral patterns of pallid tones are likely to look most appropriate for the summertime.

Bring out the fabric

Summer is all about being ‘floaty’ and fun. To generate a bedroom that is fit for this cheerful and relaxed season, drape some summer-themed fabric around your bedroom. Adorn fixtures and fittings such as bedside tables, bedroom chairs and the bed itself with light and pale fabrics for a floaty boutique look.

Change the duvet

Heavy duvets bursting with goose feathers will suffocate a bedroom in the summer, not to mention smother us when we sleep. It almost goes without saying that winter duvets should be replaced with thinner ones during the summer. Likewise, weighty, dark-coloured duvet covers should be replaced with a pretty, more muted alternative.