Five easy ways to inject some elegance into your home

Posted by admin - July 26, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Having an elegant, high-end home might be on everyone’s agenda but is it realistically achievable, even without a hefty budget? Whilst we are all different in style and taste, especially when it comes to our homes, there are some basic principles of an elegant interior, which can be achieved without too much disruption.

Bold or subdued?

In order to induce feelings of elegance into a home, the colour scheme of the rooms need to be well considered. Generally speaking, a bold and dramatic tones instantly brings style and creates a statement in a room. The same can be said about a softer palette, which might not be as statement-making but will bring immediate elegance into every room.

Paint internal doors

Another great way to inject some instant glamour and elegance into a room is to paint internal doors. By constantly letting traffic in and out of the room, internal doors are prone to grubby marks, scuffs and chips, and can soon let the overall look and style of your room down.

Why not opt for a bolder colour than already exists on interior doors? Most tend to be either white or natural wood, but changing the colour will help craft a considerably different interior ambience into the living space. Black internal doors, for example, immediately create an expensive, luxury feel. If you do opt for black, try to tie the feature together by adding some black accessories into the room.

Create a focal point in every room

Whether it’s a spare bedroom or the lounge, no room should be without a focal point. A point of focus in a living space will immediately draw the eyes of visitors to it. The focus can be anything from a wood burning stove to a large mirror bordered by an elaborate frame, a lavish throw on the sofa or an eye-catching piece of artwork on the wall.

Treat the windows

An elegant home never ignores its windows. In fact windows create an opportunity for homeowners to bring elegance into their rooms without too much effort. Opting for elegant materials, such as natural silk and cotton, instead of manmade fabrics, which will give the windows an inexpensive look. As will opting for see-through materials or curtains that aren’t lined.
Wood blinds or woven bamboo shades can be just as effective in creating a well-designed, stylish window treatment.

Hardwood over carpet?

While the choice of one’s flooring is directly related to personal preference, there is something about hardwood flooring that creates a classic look. Unlike carpets, which unless you opt for a high quality, expensive make, can become shabby, worn and stained, hardwood tends to last longer, maintaining the elegance of a new floor for longer.
Darker shades of birch, oak and cherry flooring will craft an even more luxuriant vibe. Don’t forget to dress the flooring flamboyantly, with plenty of stylish rugs.