Feng-Shui Floral Arrangements

Posted by admin - January 31, 2017 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

Live flowers are an easy way to liven up a home and create energy. They are a constant reminder of openness, vulnerability, and the beautiful ability to just exist. Zen Shin once said, “A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” Taking this into daily life is a difficult practice, but live flowers can serve as an important reminder to “bloom where planted.” Most of us, however, do not have the budget for weekly flowers from a local florist. Loose floral bunches from the grocery store or farmer’s market can be intimidating. Consider these ideas to help make arranging flowers in a Feng-Shui way – simple and energy-giving.


Think about colours before purchasing loose flowers. Sluggish and tired all the time? Consider bright yellows daisies or orange chrysanthemums. Struggling to find calm amidst the daily grind? Blue irises or a simple white orchid might be an excellent addition to a home. There’s a reason red roses are given on Valentine’s Day.

Flower placement and arrangement

It’s important to create the space for the floral arrangements ahead of time. In order to utilize a floral arrangement’s life-giving energy, figure out a spot that will be seen and appreciated daily. Consider depth and height when deciding on a vase. If opting for tall flowers, a short squat vase will not do. The flowers need to be able to stand on their own; there’s no need to stress the flower’s stem if it’s leaning heavily on the vase wall. Simply cut the stems at an angle until they look comfortable.

Odd numbers

Nature’s florals come in uneven bunches, for example, a three leaf clover and five-petal buttercups. It’s best to use this practice with arranging flowers and work in odd numbers. Odd numbers with nature is much more appealing to the eye. A balanced arrangement is not necessarily an “even” arrangement. A tall skinny vase with three bunched white roses at the mouth of the vase, and a few long white calla lilies that cascade to the right of the vase, would be an exquisite piece. Although the flowers are not evenly placed, it creates a dance that cannot go unnoticed.


A beautiful arrangement can also be simple. Never underestimate the power of negative space around your floral arrangements. Three clear small bud vases, each with one white tulip, would be enough to fill a kitchen window countertop. Two soft blue hydrangeas in a short wide vase are perfect on a bathroom sink. Their stems cross each other in the water and provide a balanced feel to a corner.

From the exotic bright bird of paradise to the humble daisy, all flowers are an excellent way to breathe life into occupied space. Deciding the types of flower, however, is completely dependent upon the buyer’s needs. Lady Bird Johnson, a first lady of the United States, is quoted as once saying “where flowers bloom, so does hope.” It is a beautiful thought to think that placing the right flowers in the right environment will produce something bigger than itself.