Fabulous dining room designs for a memorable dinner party setting

Posted by admin - November 26, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

The festive season is quickly approaching and needless to say a myriad of dinner parties are on the horizon. Like a kitchen with a large robust country table, a dining room is all about gathering the family and friends, serving delicious food and drinks and enjoying conversation and laughter. Being the social hub of the house, it is important you create the right atmosphere in a dining room.

The type of environment crafted in a dining room is directly influenced by the choice of décor, furniture, fittings and palette.

If you are planning a few dinner parties and other social events in your home this winter and feel your dining room lacks some design inspiration, then take a look at the following design ideas to create a wonderfully atmospheric environment for a dinner party.

A black and white rug

There is something timeless and elegant about black and white. But instead of going overboard with black and white wallpaper or a black and white carpet, confine this sophisticated colour match to a rug.

The combination of the striking colour combination set against a lighter floor and walls will really add some glamour and spark conversation round the dining table.

Put a round table in your dining room

With family and friends gathered in a circle, a round table crafts a feeling of togetherness and sociability. Unlike a square or rectangular table, a round alternative means everyone can talk without feeling uncomfortable or having to crank their heads into awkward positions.

In short, a round table is perfect for stimulating conversation and encouraging a more interactive dinner party.

A dramatic chandelier

Dramatic yet elegant, chandeliers bring a touch of glamour to a dining room setting. From a glamourous transitional crystal chandelier for that luxury, holiday-feeling look to an antiqued metal chandelier for a more traditional look, a beautiful chandelier protruding from the ceiling above a dining table will be a focus of conversation at your dinner party.

Feature wallpaper

Brightly coloured and uniquely patterned wallpaper featured on a wall will inject personality and life into a living room.  Ensure to opt for a design that is in-keeping with the style of furniture and fittings in the room.

For example, a floral vintage-effect design would be the perfect backdrop to add life and personality to a simple and modest dining room.

Add some retro appeal

Transforming your dining room into a gaudy and loud dining room that resembles a sixth form canteen from the 1970s might be a tad over the top. Though weaving some subtle hints of retro décor into room is likely to be a hit for creating a playful and fun ambience at a dinner party.

Opt for min-century shades like yellow and green mixed with smooth curves and period patterns for a real retro-looking dining room.

Now what are you waiting for? Send out the invites, start cooking and enjoy a memorable dinner party surrounded by the most stimulating of interior designs.