Essential spring décor trends for 2015

Posted by admin - January 28, 2015 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

Are we being a little optimistic when we say spring is in the air? With the nights getting lighter and the first buds of spring blossoming, we would say that it’s safe to excitedly talk about the forthcoming season.

The arrival of spring is traditionally a time when people embark on a ‘spring clean’. What was meant to be a clean out of the cupboards or a rearrangement of the garage can quickly transpire into a more comprehensive makeover of the home.

If you are planning on revamping the interior of your home sometime soon take a look at the following interior design trends for spring 2015.

Ochre yellows

This spring décor trend has come straight off the catwalk. But then again, spring wouldn’t be spring without splashes of yellow brightening up our lives!

Ochre yellow is a deep rich yellow which is proving a popular choice of colour for this season’s raincoats, dresses and jumpers.

It’s also showing up in people’s homes, with rich velvet ochre yellow being a stylish choice of curtains, cushions and other furnishings.

Black and white print

Another catwalk-inspired spring 2015 interior design trend is modern graphics in black and white. We saw it in a fabulous Carolina Herrera dress and now the striking look is making its way into interior savvy homes.

The trick is not to go overboard with black and white prints and integrate them subtly into a room dominated with softer themes and features.

Vintage baths

If you’re deliberating changing the design of your bathroom this spring you may want to think about stepping back in time and having a vintage bathtub installed.

Vintage tubs are typically freestanding and are propped up on four elegant legs. They usually comprise of a comfortable rolled rim and ultra-durable cast iron construction, bringing elegance, class and traditionalism to your bathroom.

Deep blue hues

As ubiquitous as yellow tones are in springtime interiors, so are blue tones and as we all know and love, yellow goes great with blue.

Think saturated blue this season and combine it with the striking look of black and white graphics and the flirts of springtime sunshine afforded by subtle hints of ochre yellow.

Pairing a rustic table with contemporary chairs

What was once considered a cardinal interior design sin is rising to décor prominence in spring 2015 – Modern, stylish chairs are being placed around old farmhouse kitchen tables.

The match definitely sounds a little incompatible but the likes of Houzz are lapping it up believing by pairing the two together it emphasises the beauty of both of them.

Welcome a home library feature

Office offices are now a well-established feature of modern homes but now it’s home libraries that are coming to the forefront. Dedicate a whole wall or install a cluster of bookshelves into your home to create an intellectual and characterful feature.

If your spring clean does evolve into a spring décor makeover, implementing the above trends help your home look like its fit for an interior design catwalk.