Designer Insights – Zoe Hartridge, Senior Designer

Posted by admin - March 2, 2013 - Designer Insights

Zoe is a senior designer and one of the leading members of the New I.d design team having been with the company for 6 years. She graduated from Leeds College of Art and Design 13 years ago, having specialised in surface pattern and printed textile design and then took a post graduate BTEC in interior design.

Zoe is described by her colleagues as bright, witty and spontaneous, which we agree is an excellent description for this talented and creative designer.

She is often to be found immersed in the latest issues of various fashion and design publications, seeking inspiration and clues to stay ahead of trending items and style. Zoe considers that many interior design trends are heavily lead by the ever changing fashion scene and is always looking for new influences to keep her designs at the forefront of current thinking.

Having said that, Zoe always makes it a priority to identify and most importantly understand her client’s requirements, through in depth briefing. She freely admits that there is little point in providing a client with a design based on the latest trending style or colour palate if it is clear that is just not what they want. In her opinion the most important part of her role is to listen to what the client wants, introducing new ideas but always with the aim of satisfying the customers’ requirements
So what are Zoe’s predictions for the coming season?

Whilst there will always be a broad range of styles and colours at any one time, Zoe is anticipating a return of the vintage retro look, with art deco and 1950’s influences, certainly geometric designs and even possibly the resurgence of the American diner!……….watch this space!