Design ideas to make the most of an outdoor space

Posted by admin - June 19, 2013 - Current Trends

The summer may be proving to be predictably erratic in England this year but at least we are having some sunshine. It goes without saying that the snippets of sunshine, warm breeze, lighter evenings, beautiful sunsets, and starry nights beckon us outside to lap up some of the summer weather. Gardens, like houses themselves, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you’ve got a tiny backyard with not much room to swing a cat or a sweeping garden with enough room for a tennis court, the good news is that we can all make the most of our outdoor spaces. With some simple design tips onboard we can all enjoy some al fresco living this summer.

 Make your outdoor space in-keeping with your house

It may sound obvious put if your house is traditional and rustic it shouldn’t have an ultra-modern garden attached to it. Take this premise of making the house and garden ‘at one’ by replicating features and colours of the house in the outdoor space. For example, if your house has pretty blue shutters enveloping the windows continue the colour scheme into the garden by planting similarly- coloured flowers in the flowerbeds or in hanging baskets.

 Add seating

From balconies to terraces, patios to backyards, most outdoor areas have enough room for some form of seating. Even if you only have room for a small two-seater bench in your outdoor space, the fact that you can sit out there will encourage you to into the fresh air more and to make the most of an outdoor area.

Free up storage space by using ledges

The useful merits of ledges shouldn’t be confined to inside a house, as on the contrary, ledges have multi-purposes when used outside.

By raising plants on ledges it means that they are closer to the sun and are therefore likely to grow more efficiently. Not only this, but it will also free up storage space underneath meaning that your garden will look neater and better organised and with ledges full of plants dotted around, your outdoor space will be turned into a more private and relaxing retreat.

Add a fence

Adding a fence or a wall can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to cap off a patio, backyard or garden and make it more secluded, cosier and inviting.

Plant a tree

Even if you have minimal outdoor space, planting a tree will give your garden a more verdant, lush and secluded feel to it. Placing plants around the edge of a terrace, patio or garden will also help it feel softer and more private. 

Build a roof

Adding a roof in the form of a pergola or an open porch will bring a new dimension to an outdoor area, create shade which can be welcomed in the summer – even in this country – and generate a feeling of greater privacy and seclusion. Make the pergola prettier by draping some hanging baskets from the corners.